REVIEW: Silent Planet – The Night God Slept [2014]


Band: Silent Planet
Album title: The Night God Slept
Released: November 10th, 2014
Rating: 9/10

There has been only a handful of albums in my 25 years of music loving that have deeply connected to me. It takes so many aspects to make a record, a true masterpiece: production, genre, lyrics, album artwork, etc. While many records are great, there’s always something you wish were better, cleaner, or more defined. I sat down this past week with the intention of writing a normal review, and yet within the first listen, this record has completely changed my outlook on music and life itself. What an impact music can make in our lives.

“The Night God Slept”

Silent Planet (Solid State Records), released their debut full length “The Night God Slept”  on November 10th, 2014, a date in history we will look back on 5-10 years from now and say “that’s where it all started for these talented group of musicians”. Building off their success from their second EP, “ Come Wind, Come Weather” , the band signed with Solid State Records and began recording their debut full length in early 2014. Carrying a hardcore/metal-core style going into their debut full length, more of the bands talents were put on display including the incredible lyricism of Garrett Russell. Each song has definitions and explanations for every sentence and has obviously been very well-researched, studied, and learned over a period of time. The topics range from religion, war, sexual abuse, biblical stories, theology, etc. “The Night God Slept”  is the perfect balance of screams, cleans, heavy guitars, ambient soundscapes, hard hitting drums, and drums that flow into a softer atmosphere. Most notably and obviously, Silent Planet is a christian band and their faith is incredibly evident in this record. Being a believer myself, I share that passion and connect even deeper to these songs because of my faith. Similarities vary between Oh, Sleeper, Invent Animate, and The Elijah.  “The Night God Slept”  is easily one of the best debut records of all time.

Favorite Tracks

Track 2. XX (City Grave)

Easily my favorite track on the record, this song just breathes a vicious truth into the hearts of those listening. A cold reality of sex slaves forced into pornography and the justice that waits for them with the line “I’ll climb through your screen and bleed out the image you left in me.”  I personally feel connected to a lot of the message of this song, seeing how bad sexual slavery is in certain parts of the world, even here in the US. Musically, it hits you in the face with Russell’s incredible high-mid scream and then drags you to the floor with his desperate, passionate yell. You can hear how heartfelt and personal this track is to him and it reflects very positively on the listener. The guitar work is phenomenal and the drums are so perfect. This track sets the tone for a very angry, in your face, honest record.

Track 6. Firstwake

I have a special place in my heart for Being As An Ocean. So when I see a track that features Joel, I instantly have to hear it before any other track on an album. I was not disappointed. I wrestled with XX(City Grave) and this song for my favorite track, but seeing as how I connected to the former more, this song came in a close second. What makes this song so unique, not just the musicianship or the guest feature, is the references to Underoath with the line “Lost in the sound” and the Biblical research that was displayed. For example, Luke 22:42 says  “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done”, which directly refers to the line “I’m coming home to you, does this cup run dry?”  As soon as Joel’s spot came on, I knew it was going to be incredible. The line “  I was given to cup to quench parched tongues, but I became drunk and lust lynched my lungs”, hits the listener hard in the face.

Track 10. Wasteland(Vechnost)

Perfection is rare to find, but that’s exactly what you hear in this gem. The theme is very war oriented, specifically, about the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin quotes and bible verses throughout, combined with Russell’s amazing screams, and the one line that stands out more than anything other “They saw the end of God: Wasteland. The flag will fall with the walls we built: Wasteland.” This song speaks to me about the consequences of war and going against God’s will and His people. It showcases the cold hearted nature of a dictator, and the judgment that God has upon the nations. Incredible work of art in all aspects.

Final Thoughts

This album will be on repeat for a long time. I simply love every aspect of it. I relate to the messages that the band talks about, even some hitting home for me. When a record like this affects you in a positive way, it stays with you forever. It becomes a part of your life because it touched your heart and made you feel something different than the same daily routine. This band isn’t afraid to talk about subjects that are very sensitive and “touchy.” Brutal honesty and heartfelt confessions are a norm for “The Night That God Slept.” It has been an incredible honor to review this album, I only wish I could put more words on this review. These guys have a very bright future and they’re doing things the right way. Solid State made a decision bringing in such passionate individuals. If you have a chance to listen to this album, I urge you to walk into it with an open mind. Some listeners may not share the same faith as Silent Planet, but just take a moment to hear the passion and the soul that is on display. Whether you’re a believer or not, this record is on a level of divinity that will set the bar for Christian heavy bands for years to come.


Review By: David Voidspeak