Review: Silent Theory – Delusions

Artist: Silent Theory
Album: Delusions
Rating: 10/10

It seems I discover a new band that blows my mind, at least once a month. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that, either they found me, or I found them and work with these massive talents. About 3 years ago, I was approached by Pavement Entertainment to cover The Persevering Promise’s (now Alive In Barcelona) debut album, An Illusion in Shambles and it started a beautiful friendship between myself and the band members. Now, I’ve been introduced to another incredible new band by the name of Silent Theory that comes from the same area (Moscow, ID) and their album actually features a guest spot from Jesse Barton of AIB! Like a good majority of their newer fans, I was introduced to them by way of their latest single “Fragile Minds” which is making a huge impact on airwaves across the nation. However, the band was created in 2010 by brothers Mitch, Scott and George Swanger, along with Robert James (Dakota Tyler joined to front the band in 2014) with 2009 and 2010 being huge turning points for them. In 2009, they got the chance to play South By Southwest Festival with the likes of Shiny Toy Guns, The Proclaimers, Metallica and more! In 2010, they appeared on MTV’s Cribs where they performed their song “Livin’ the Dream.” They also performed at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, CA and signed their first record deal with Turkey Vulture Records, where they released their debut full-length Black Tie Affair and saw them celebrate its success and make history by performing the first-ever sold out show at Belltower Concert House in Pullman, WA. From there, “Livin’ the Dream” was made available on Rock Band and they started releasing “teaser” material to tide fans over for the release of their sophomore effort. Recorded at Amplified Wax Studios, Delusions is the album that every young Hard Rock band strives to create but so often seem to fall short of.

Reminiscent of Bullet For My Valentine’s “Tears Don’t Fall,” the album opens up with a faded in guitar intro. Shortly into “Leave Alone”, you hear a powerfully-screamed proclamation of “LET’S GO!” You find yourself realizing that this band has some strong metal influences and it opens up a different world for you. Jesse Barton’s screams echo off  your walls and through your mind, as vocalist Dakota Tyler’s lyrics pierce your soul and get trapped under your skin. The band has a way of creating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of many of the best bands in their genre. While they take a heavy melodic approach to their music, it is clear that they want to convey a message with each and every track that they release. Their music is thought-provoking and tracks like “Fragile Minds,” which you can view the extended mix video for below, dives into the thoughts of what can become of you in this life. Will you be the reason for someone’s death? Will you be someone’s savior? No one knows the future but these are thoughts that we all have in life. This track is led by a beautiful piano, which gives it an air of mystery and fits perfectly into the theme. On the slower, more ballad-like tracks, you’ll find that the piano is a common element, as well as great acoustics. Each track has a purpose and a specific message that they want to get across and, as such, there is an appropriate atmosphere that they create for each. Tracks like “Alice,” “Watch Me Burn” and “Sever” all have a more melancholy air to them, while tracks like “Outta My Head,” “Lost Forever,” “Leave Alone” and “Faceless” show a bit more of an aggressive side.

Silent Theory aren’t just your typical Hard Rock band. They’re the rock band that you should all have your eyes on, especially now. Delusions is the Pièce De Résistance to their ever-expanding repertoire and begs the attention of all who will hear it. If you’re a fan of the active rock genre, especially bands who incorporate metal influences into their music, Silent Theory is a band that you will quickly find yourself getting behind. Lose your mind and fall victim to the band’s Delusions, out now! Check out the extended mix video for “Fragile Minds” below for just a small taste of what these guys bring to the table.

“Fragile Minds” (Extended Mix Official Music Video)

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Silent Theory is:

Dakota Elliot Tyler – Vocals

Scott Swanger – Guitar
Bob James – Guitar
George Swanger – Bass
Mitch Swanger – Drums