Review – Silverstein – Dead Reflection

Artist: Silverstein
Album: Dead Reflection
Rating: 10/10
Silverstein is a post hardcore band from Canada, the band name originates from a children’s book author the band read as children name Shel Silvertein. The bands current lineup consists of Shane Told (Vocals), Paul Marc Rossueau (Lead Guitarist, Vocals), Josh Bradford (Rhythm Guitar),  Billy Hamilton(Bassist, Vocals), Paul Koehler (Drummer).
Silverstein have been on countless tours with many bands at their side such as Rise Against, The Amity Affliction, Paramore, Yellowcard, A Day To Remember just to name a few , not to mention the many Warped Tour runs throughout the year beside many other truly dominate bands.
I was invited to listen to Silverstein’s new album “Dead Reflection” and I gotta say its a power punch of intensity. This album is really a perfect story of how all was lost and how it was gained back, stated by leadman Shane Told, ” The record tells a story of self destruction, and how I got my sanity and happiness back.” Thus, making this album a symbol of empowerment and even cathartic. This goes to show Silverstein will give it all to show they have what it takes to come back from even the darkest times. Now touring on Warped Tour for the summer and it’s bound to be quite a facemelting performance.
I knew from the first release of “Ghost” I was already ready for more of the album. “Dead Reflection” brings a lot to light with this single track, it really gave an huge introduction to what the album was all about: A fall into darkness and the crawl back. Full of full fledged guitar work and and amazing punch in the face screaming vocals.
The track “Lost Positives” seems to be Shane’s slow beginning climb out of his despair, seemingly to come to terms of his past and becoming a track clearly an anthem of the same.
Silverstein most recognizable albums which recent a profound popularity is ” Discovering The Waterfront” was nominated for a Junk award and reached #34 on the Billboard Top 200, with their other albums reaching similar positions chart-wise. The band has sold a million plus albums in their career. Silverstein was signed to Victory Records in October, 2002 and released ” When Broken Is Easily Fixed” as their first album with the label.
One of the hits already declared is “Retrograde” it is one of the harder songs full of a dominant drum lead and and piercing lyrics and screams so it was a good balance with “Ghost” to release to ever paitent fans. Giving a breakdown in the middle of the track with even harder hitting lyrics.
Now on to the track “Cut And Run”
I was really blown away by this track on the album. It really seemed to be single release material. Unfortunately it wasn’t the next song for that but it does remain to be one of the most played songs on my playlist so maybe soon. It has a catchy and eerie intense intro with some really great string work on the guitarist’s part. The song tells a simple story of just running and how sometimes it doesn’t seem to help no matter where or what you do.
With elements of despire and emotional darkness and finding the light once again, making it out that Silverstein was really aiming to impress with overcoming certain obstacles in this album. “Dead Reflection” just gives a look into how Shane Told really climbed out of his self-destruction and delivered an amazing album using his bad experiences as fuel to push the album over the edge, and that is the commendable thing I can honestly say about “Dead Reflection” Thus, this album is one for the books in Silverstein’s ever budding career.

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