Review: Skindred – Kill the Power


Artist: Skindred
Album: Kill the Power
Rating: 10/10

All over the world, different branches of the government run rampant with pathetic, tyrannical leaders wanting nothing more than to collect that massive paycheck. No matter how much we hate it, they’ve always got their eyes on us, one way or another. You can’t run from them, you can’t hide and you can’t “Kill the Power”. Skindred, hailing from Newport, Wales, explores this subject and more in their latest album of the same title. Vocalist Benji Webbe calls out these corrupt, greedy corporate fat-cats with a shit-eating grin and a “come and get me” attitude, with no qualms about the way he approaches things. The band has taken their unique brand of reggae-metal and transformed it into a force to be reckoned with.

With tracks like the opening call to arms, “Kill the Power”, “Ruling Force” and “Worlds on Fire”, this band has once again proven that they have what it takes to stay at the top of the underground. My first exposure to this band (or rather their vocalist) was on Bullet For My Valentine’s “Scream. Aim. Fire’ album, where he performed guest vocals on “Take It Out On Me”. Shortly after that, I went and listened to everything they had put out in sequential order. I have to say, this band is the epitome of progression in this genre. They make sure to hone every single part down to the fine details and make sure it’s absolutely perfect before they release anything to the public.

Lyrical Content: As I stated before, the majority of this album is about standing up to a corrupt government system. Take “Ruling Force”, for example, the lyrics speak of a government ruled by the people, being your own person and creating your own rules. However, “Worlds on Fire”, is more of a track about the wars raging all over the world and how senseless the fighting can be. My favorite track, which also happened to be the first single, is “Ninja”. It’s a track about standing up for what you believe in, stealthily, but effectively taking back everything you worked so hard to build from the greedy officials who seek to destroy you. We all have a “Ninja” inside of us, have you unleashed yours? Of course you have! We’ve all been treated unfairly, but none more than what the government does to us on a daily basis. Another track I, along with many other fans, I’m sure, will relate to is “The Kids Are Right Now”. It’s a track about immersing yourself in music in your hours of despair and how you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals, especially the guitar and drum parts, are on point and really reflect the sound that this band has worked so many years to create. After all, “Kill the Power” is the band’s 5th studio album since 2002, putting them on the circuit for over 10 years. It’s impressive for a band to stay together for a couple years, but it’s more impressive these days to see a band who have clawed their way from the bottom all the way to the top, still alive and kicking! The instrumentals, like the band themselves, have progressed in a way I never could have imagine, each album getting more impressive and “Kill the Power” is certainly no exception!

If you want something different, yet familiar, check out Skindred. If you haven’t checked them out before, definitely go back and start with their “Babylon” album from 2002 and work your way up. “Kill the Power” will show you how much the band has matured, grown and blossomed over the years. It is an absolute testament that anyone can use their voice to stand up to the government and will have you up in arms shortly after the album begins! Pick it up on DoubleCross/Cooking Vinyl now and start using yours!

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