REVIEW: For All Those Sleeping “Incomplete Me”


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For All Those Sleeping is straight forward with their music. There’s nothing flashy or gimmicky about their music. It’s straight face-pounding metalcore. Their third outing is “Incomplete Me” and it’s a mixed bag to say the least.

The lyrical content is amazing. It’s the best part of the album for me. Ranging from hope for the future, relying on yourself to get by, and even a party song, I find myself singing each song at the top of my lung from start to finish. However, instrumentally the album hits some snags. Some of the songs are lacking in their delivery, and I can’t help but feel that they could’ve been done better. It feels like they took what they learned on Outspoken and tweaked it without trying to truly improve on the formula. It just takes me out of the experience and that’s a big drawback when I listen to my music. I’m not saying that the instrumentals are bad, I’m just left wanting a little more from them.

I love the energy and emotion behind it, but some of the songs are hit or miss in their delivery. By no means does that make the album bad, but it certainly takes away from the overall feel of the album. Lyrically spectacular but instrumentally lacking, I feel this album could be a great jam so long as you don’t expect anything revolutionary or game-changing. I would still recommend this album to metalcore fans, but it’s not going to win over any of the naysayers. Incomplete Me is still an overall success, but I hope they take the time to really improve the instrumentals next time around.