Review: Slipknot – Goodbye (Single)


Review: Goodbye-Slipknot
From the album-“.5: The Gray Chapter”
Released: October 21st, 2014

When you envision the loss of a loved one, you begin to question yourself “is there anything I could have done differently?” “What if I had been there moments before their great demise?” You realize one day you will ultimately have to do one of the hardest things and say goodbye to everything that was physical about that person. But no matter what you will always remember all the things you ever did with them, all the memories that were made both good and bad. Slipknot as a whole hasn’t released any new music since their bassist Paul Gray passed away in 2009. Their last album, titled “All Hope Is Gone”, was released in 2008. This album has been very much anticipated by loyal fans and as promised they’ve stuck to what they do best and that’s delivering an album so filled with anger and raw emotion, it could almost make your head explode. As always Slipknot has at least one softer metal ballad on their albums and in this case “Goodbye” is it. There is so much raw emotion in this song that it could bring you to tears as well as having some heavier metal undertones to make this song feel more like home. This song is dedicated solely to Paul Gray, it’s been a rough five years but they realize it is time to bid their last farewells and move on as a band no matter how hard it is. Corey Taylor’s voice is soft and raspy, enough to make the words he sings truly flow through you. You could almost hear the tears flowing from his eyes. The drums are still edgy and fast enough to be considered slipknot, but soft enough to accompany this ballad. The guitars and bass continue to tell the story of the song, while still continuing to have that heavier side of things. “Maybe we can all recognize a moment of sadness
Maybe we can finally agree on the same point of view
A long time ago we believed and we were united
So the last thing on earth I am ready to do is say

-Emilee Yaw