Review – Smile Empty Soul – “Rarities”


Artist: Smile Empty Soul

Album: Rarities

Rating: 9/10


Smile Empty Soul prevailed and led a path of a rock age in my high school days. Their first self titled album played continuously on my Walkman CD Player to school, from school and many times even during school. Those days taught us so much about our angst and with songs like “Bottom Of A Bottle”, “Silhouettes” and “Nowhere Kids” Smile Empty Soul helped to be therapy for such a thing. The band has now released “Rarities” on March 10th which┬áis actually a collection of music that the band had previously recorded over the years, but never released until now.

Smile Empty Soul is a band you can expect to deliver on their ability to produce good hard rock. If their past tells you anything about the band it’s that the new album “Rarities” will be no exception; from it’s unreleased tracks “Goodbye” to their cover of “Anureysm” by Nirvana. “Rarities” will definitely take you on a ride from start to finish. You would think the tracklist wouldn’t work together but in reality it all goes together seamlessly. Some of these songs should have came out with other albums. That’s not saying anything bad. It really works very well.

Smile Empty Soul’s cover of “Anureysm” by Nirvana is nothing short of an accomplishment, the way the band takes to the track it would make the legend Kurt Cobain proud. Sean is really belting it out in this song and the lead guitar is really nailing it. What more could ask for in a cover?

My initial listen to “Wasted Town” was mind blowing and it left such an impact on me. The track has that reminiscent guitar solos and vocals we know and love about Smile Empty Soul. It really takes you into their grittiness as a rock band and what was heard before (We) the masses got a dose of them.

A standout track on the album is “Goodbye” and the track really takes us back to their first self titled album. Fast paced and hits hard on the guitars. “Goodbye” could have been a hit of the band and it fits perfectly on the “Rarities” album.

Who I Am” is an angst anthem that is coming of age. Sean has such a way of capturing his vocal ranges with the raw and real talent he puts on flawlessly. Guitar and lyrics are at an all time level in this track. This is a track I would have loved to have had back in the day.

Smile Empty Soul’s cover of “Possession” by Sarah McLachlan is really an amazing reimagining of her song. While her song is still a bit solemn and soulful Smile Empty Soul brings an angsty and grungy rock level to it. Smile Empty Soul really brings it with hard hitting vocals and an amazing guitar solo.

In the end, from Smile Empty Soul’s beginning to now I can say that the band really still have it. Their angsty rock vocals are still just as impacting as before. With “Rarities” you can listen completely all the way through, track by track, and for anyone liking the band’s past releases, this album is for you. So if you are a Smile Empty Soul fan get “Rarities” and hear what you’ve missed.

There is a complete hidden gem in this album and that track is “Finding Myself” and it really captures what we all know and love about Smile Empty Soul. The band seems to have such an emotional connection to this track. It has the lyrical stand point as “Silhouettes” in its piercing vocal delivery. This is one track on “Rarities” that deserves some credit.

Check out Smile Empty Soul this Spring as they go on an acoustic tour with Trapt starting May 3rd!

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