REVIEW: Sons of Texas – Baptized In The Rio Grande

Sons of Texas - Baptized In The Rio Grande

Sons of Texas – Baptized In The Rio Grande Album Review By: MelodicEnmity

Hailing from the great state of Texas, bands such as Pantera, Drowning Pool, and Element Eighty, just to name a few, are monsters of metal that were built and shaped by their surroundings and passion. Texas is a destination that has proved to be, time and time again, America’s breeding ground for great music. Throughout the decades, Texas has given us a plethora of incredibly talented artists that have come from all genres and walks of life, making the state one of the most versatile in existence for musicians and their music.

Up next to bat from the great state of Texas, comes Sons of Texas. Their Razor & Tie label debut, “Baptized In The Rio Grande” carves Sons of Texas right into that cornerstone of the incredible artists that have come before. This record is an embodiment of all the musical elements that you would hope to hear, not only as a band from Texas, but as a new addition to the industry as well.

To say the least, Sons of Texas have some gigantic shoes to fill. And, you know what? They not only fill them…they own them. Sons of Texas not only effectively pay homage to those greats before them, but also paves their own way for a new era of rock and metal music. With “Baptized In The Rio Grande,” you get everything; metal, rock, blues, country, and soul, all skillfully calculated into one fantastic package.

Mark Morales (vocals), is a shining star throughout “Baptized In The Rio Grande.” There is nothing quite like a vocalist who can provide healthy doses of grit, anger, blues, and harmony. His voice, in no doubt, reaches you. I feel the songs. I feel his pain. What more could you ask for? As a performer, Morales hits the proverbial nail on the head with his ability to grab the listener and make damn sure they feel what he does. Of course though, a great vocalist is nothing without a great band…and thankfully, they pull through on both fronts. The rest of Sons of Texas made sure that their music packs the same punch as Morales’ gripping vocals do. Guitarists, Jon Olivarez and Jes De Hoyos, come out swinging with some of the heaviest riffs, a thick, buttery, tone, the ability to know what each track on this album needs, and how to fill that sonic space without diluting it. Some of the guitar leads, in fact, take me back to a place in rock history where solos were meaningful, and not just for show…much like how a Pantera song would be incomplete without the offerings of the late, great, Dimebag Darrell.

From the second you turn on “Baptized In The Rio Grande” and hear “Never Bury The Hatchet,” you know exactly what kind of album you are in for. The record only builds in intensity and meaning from there. I suggest you listen for yourself, as words can only say so much.

The musicianship and replay ability factors in this record are off the charts, making “Baptized In The Rio Grande” by Sons of Texas a MUST BUY with my HIGHEST RECCOMENDATION.

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