Review: Speaking the King’s – Here to Stay


Artist: Speaking the King’s
Album: Here to Stay
Rating: 10/10

Formed in the Winter of 2011, Speaking the King’s are one of those bands that you may have heard of in conversation, but couldn’t quite place why you knew the name. Well, when the band released their video for “Casanova”, which was incredibly well-received, that all changed. The band quickly attracted the attention of A Day to Remember’s Tom Denney and he got them into his studio to record the EP. They faced only the problem of finding a singer. Luckily for them, the band ran across Bobby Burap who had just run the course of his band’s career. Once the band signed to Nuclear Blast, they started building an even greater fan base and were able to tour even more. They’ve already toured with the likes of some of the greats in their genre: We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Winds of Plague and many more! Their debut EP “Here to Stay” is their way of saying that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With soaring clean vocals, gut-wrenching screams, pulse-pounding drum beats, simple, yet technical guitar riffs and bass lines that are to die for, “Here to Stay” is sure to have something for everyone. With everything from some not-so-lovesongs like “Casanova” to post-hardcore anthems like “One Foot at a Time” and everything in between, this is an album that does not let down from beginning to end. The breakdowns are brutal, the hooks are catchy and the lyrics will have you singing along before you know it! If you want an EP that will knock your socks off, blow your hair back and not call you in the morning, hit up Speaking The King’s for “Here to Stay” out on Nuclear Blast Records now!

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