Review: Spoken – Illusion



Artist: Spoken
Album: Illusion

1. Stand Alone
2. Beneath the Surface
3. Don’t Go
4. Through It All
5. More Than You Know
6. Remember the Day
7. Shadow Over Me
8. Accuser
9. Take Everything
10. Tonight
11. Calm the Storm
12. Illusion

It’s hard to keep my attention with bands in the rock genre, as I’m a metal head, but Spoken is a completely different story. They take rock to a whole new level while keeping a clean, wholesome image and positive themes. Every song sounds different and takes you on a journey. Of course, as all rock bands, there are heavy and soft tracks as well as some in-betweens. Since my first listen of this band with their debut single since signing to EOne, “Dagger” I was anxious to hear how they would progress and I was quite surprised at the outcome. Here’s my review of Illusion by Spoken!

Key Tracks:

Stand Alone: The opening track, Stand Alone, is easily one of the heaviest tracks on the album. With the angelic vocals and piercing screams from Matt, shredding solos and killer riffs from Jesse and of course groovy bass lines from Ryan. This track is about struggle and faith through struggle. Crying out to a deity (God, seeing as this is a Christian band) to help in hard times. The solos and guitar work in this song makes this one of my favorites.

Shadow Over Me: The screams in this song remind me of Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. This track showcases some of Matt’s higher vocals. Starting with soft echoing guitars and then erupting into some heavy guitar work, this track is one of the most fun on the album. This track seems to be about fear of failing.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, this album is incredible. It will leave a lasting impression on rock fans of all ages. Not to mention the crowd it will appeal to with its Christian themes. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves rock or metal! Go check out “Illusion” which comes out February 12th on EOne Music! Fall in love with a band that has a message to spread!