Review: Stars in Stereo – Leave Your Mark


Artist: Stars in Stereo
Album: Leave Your Mark
Rating: 9/10

It’s a message that’s been spread time and time again: You will be remembered for the things you’ve done in life, not what you have. Have you made a positive or negative impact on those around you? How will you Leave Your Mark? This is what LA rockers Stars in Stereo want to know. Few bands have made an impact on the rock scene like this quartet. While this band is female-fronted, I try to stay away from that term because it tends to have negative implications on the rest of the band. Vocalist Bec Hollcraft is a master of her art and, together with her brothers in SinS, they’re ready to put the spark back in the radio dial and, most importantly, prove that Rock is NOT dead. With the release of their brand new album, Leave Your Mark, they will truly leave an emotional mark on their listeners.

The lead single (and title track) from the album is about the good and bad a relationship can bring out in you. A person can make you either love or hate yourself, depending on their words/actions. Another plus is that, in most cases, it brings a beast out in the bedroom. The bad side: You get addicted and will fall for anything that they might try to say or do. You’re in such a blissful state because of their “Dr. Jekyll” side that you fail to see Hyde in their eyes.

“Fair-Weather Friend”, as the title suggests, deals with friends who say they have your back but put a knife in it when you turn it to them. It’s a message to all those who seek to betray you from the start, making you believe that they are true. If you’re smart enough, you will recognize these people right away. When you do, prove them wrong and never stop striving for what you believe. Never stop reaching for your dreams! You’ll have the last laugh in the end.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is called “Wasted (Until I’m Gone)”. This song, like the rest of the album, has a rock-infused pop flavor that will really have the listener turning their heads. This album is absolutely breath-taking from beginning to end but everything about this track, from the instrumentals and vocals to the production really stands out. It’s about the “young and reckless” life. It’s about partying it up, living life to the fullest and never regretting a single thing. You should never be afraid to have fun just because the imminence of death lingers over you. Carpe Diem!

If you’ve missed the love you once had for rock music, SinS seeks to rekindle that fire with Leave Your Mark. This release will leave you begging for more and will hopefully inspire more bands to follow suit! If you desire to be played on the radio, make it something worth talking about! Leave Your Mark on the airwaves, as Stars in Stereo have on your heart! Pick up your copy of Leave Your Mark out now on Hundred Handed!