Review: Stories of Solitude – Run For Your Life (Single)


Artist: Stories of Solitude
Album: Run For Your Life – Single
Rating: 10/10
Time and time again, our good friends Stories of Solitude have proven that they have what it takes to survive in the metal scene. I last reviewed their latest EP “The Wounded”, which was a masterpiece in itself. Now they’ve announced that they will be releasing their debut full-length album “Retribution” soon and have taken a huge leap with the release of it’s debut single “Run For Your Life”. I had the opportunity to hear this track before it was released to the general public and it blew me completely away. It’s incredibly matured both vocally and lyrically and the instrumentals are beyond anything I could have expected. Jordan Swickard’s screams have definitely developed to a higher quality and level and Craig’s clean singing is even more phenomenal than it was before! This band proves that practice makes perfect and they will stop at nothing to bring us nothing but the best they can offer. Check out the single below and give them some love on Facebook! Stories of Solitude will get their “Retribution” soon!

Run For Your Life

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