Review: Stories Through Storms – Rage (ft. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills) (Single)

Artist; Stories Through Storms
Album: Rage – Single
Rating: 5/5

Metal is alive in well in the Kansas City area. With bands like The Browning, Young Medicine, Eleven After and Kingshifter being just a few well-recognized names here, it’s no surprise that KC gets nationwide recognition. Rising to the top, with one hell of an underdog story, Stories Through Storms looks to be the next big thing in the area and it’s not hard to see why. Just 9 months after the release of their debut EP, The Dawn, they’ve returned with “Rage.” This single shows just how much progression the band has made in this little time and proves why they get booked to open for national acts such as The Devil Wears Prada (Rise Records), Ice Nine Kills (Fearless Records), Volumes (Fearless Records), and Wolves at the Gate (Solid State Records) just to name a few!

“Rage” begins with a chilling, yet fitting, quote from Dr. Loomis (Halloween 5) before exploding into a metalcore onslaught. Vocalist Storm Ruby impresses the listener with a volley of fast-screamed passages, the likes of which you might hear in older Attila material while Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills) takes the chorus and part of the bridge. There’s something about the way the music comes together that gives it a very dark and spine-tingling atmosphere, perfectly fitting for the rage that has built in these guys. It’s punchy, it’s fast-paced and it’s relentless until the very last second. The moment Loomis’ voice stops and guitarists River Dunaway and Nick Thornton come in, you’ll immediately find yourself in mosh-mode… wanting to destroy anything in your path. This track meshes perfectly with Charnas, who is known for his haunting concepts, consisting of death and mayhem in many forms, and adds another notch to his already impressive repertoire. For Stories Through Storms, as a whole, though… it seems to show that the band has found their niche in conceptual writing, as well.

I was crushed when I couldn’t attend Ice Nine Kills’ show w/STS, but I wanted to punch myself repeatedly when I  heard that Charnas actually took the stage to perform the new single with them. This is just the type of track to show that STS is a serious player in the metalcore game and aims to show that they’ve only just begun. Do yourselves a favor and check the track out when it releases later today and tell me you aren’t impressed. STS is currently writing material for their next release and have a show with Like Moths to Flames, By the Thousands, Dawnbreaker and Sherry Drive on October 12th at Lookout Lounge in Omaha, NE. Tickets are on sale now and the show is an all ages event. Keep your eyes on Stories Through Storms because they’ve only continued to gain momentum since they began!


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Stories Through Storms is:
Storm Ruby – Vocals
Austin Spencer-Androes – Vocalist
Nick Thornton – Guitar
River Dunaway – Guitar
Chandler Hollon – Bass