Review – Story Of The Year – Wolves


Artist: Story Of The Year

Album: Wolves

Rating: 9.5/10


Story of the Year is an American rock band formed in St. Louis, Missouri, Missouri, in 2000. The band was originally formed under the name Big Blue Monkey. They changed their name to Story of the Year in 2002 after the release of their EP titled “Story Of The Year” on the indie label Criterion Records, after they realized a blues group of the name Big Blue Monkey had already existed.

Story Of The Year did some Warped Tour dates during the summer to advance the record, “Page Avenue” which was released the following September. By this point, the band’s sound had morphed completely and comfortably into emo-inflected post-grunge, akin to groups like Thrice or The Used and Taking Back Sunday.

They confirmed via the pledge site that the new album will be titled “Wolves“, which was released on PledgeMusic on December 1, 2017. The album is due for release on December, 8th and I was invited to give it a listen. “Wolves” will be an iconic step in Story Of The Year’s musical career. Story Of The Year has always been a catchy band in notoriety, with catchy choruses and instrumentals. The album, “Wolves” brings all that with some fresh revised vocals by Dan Marsala which are sure to amaze.

Rewind a few years back and the track, “Until The Day I Die” was outstandingly popular for stylish yet catchy riffs, clean singing that eventually built up to climactic moments, lyrics full of teen-angst which blasted this timeless track to the top. The new album, “Wolves” keeps it consistent and provides the clean-cut vocals and will make this album a staple in their discography.

The beginning of the album begins with intro, “Wolves” which features a bike rider and the growling of wolves chasing him, the bike is dropped and you hear the rider running full speed, but it’s useless. The last thing you hear is a growling ominous pounce and the next track, “How Can We Go On” begins. The track offers a build-up from Dan Marsala. The track also offers an insanely long placed riff to really bring the song together.

Bang, Bang” was the very excitable first single release. This track really sounds like a revised Story Of The Year. This track is full of amazing vocals and transitions brought all together with and catchy chorus, while Marsala belts out “One last kiss before I go!” This track was an amazing release and it got a perfect rating from fans new and old.

The album takes a step down and becomes more melodic around the track, “Can Anybody Hear Me” which points to some 30 Seconds Of Mars influence and full of “woahs” that can only be described as the band’s possible attempt at a fun, energetic commercial radio track release.

The next single release, “Miracle” has some sound vocal delivery. The track has some key point keyboard synth elements and solid guitar work. The bridge is soft and melodic, then builds to a drop of high-octane guitars and edgy vocals making this a top-notch single release as a preview to the album.

The stand out track to me is, “Goodnight, My Love” has a more rock oriented feel to it with reminiscent hints from previous albums. The band revisits those sounds but aren’t depending on them in, “Wolves” due to the ever-changing tempos and riffs that are offered up throughout the album.

Story Of The Year reached out to the fans to pledge for this album and was met with a fan base that definitely weren’t disappointed with their investment. The band delivers with the album, “Wolves” and it fills the void of their absence. Story Of The Year have progressed as artists and the fans have helped show how talented Dan Marsala and crew are when they have complete control in the studio.

Overall, I would say that Story Of The Year had a blast on this album, with Dan’s vocals and full band backing. The band returns with their iconic sound but refresh it after seven years since a release. They sound empowered and amped up being on their own and developing something of their complete own vision. The album captures their vulnerability, and anxiety that’s symbolic of a pack of wolves surrounding you. This in-depth album will be one of a kind and a breakthrough in their career. “Wolves” is a great mix of classic Story Of The Year and shows us why we blasted previous albums in the yester-year of our youth.


“Wolves” — Track Listing
1. Wolves
2. How Can We Go On
3. Bang Bang
4. Youth
5. I Swear I’m Okay
6. Miracle
7. Can Anybody Hear Me?
8. A Part of Me
9. Give Up My Heart
10. The Eternal Battle For Mike Cronin’s Soul (To Be Alive Again)
11. My Home
12. Goodnight, My Love
13. Like Ghosts
14. Praying for Rain

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Story Of The Year is:

Dan Marsala  — Lead Vocals
Ryan Phillips — Lead Guitar & Vocals
Philip Sneed — Rhythm & Bass Guitar, Vocals
Josh Wills — Drums


Official Audio Video of “Bang, Bang”

Official Audio Video of “Miracle”

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