Review – Swimming With Bears – EP



Artist: Swimming With Bears

Album: Swimming With Bears – EP

Rating: 10/10


Swimming with Bears is an Austin based Soulful Alternative band that has been originally know as Daily Departures. This band’s recent name  change is full of peculiarities and synchronicity that just fell in their laps for their unique band name, all while watching National Geographic, “No one swims with bears” Alec says. Then, the television echoed “Stay tuned when we find out how Carl feels about swimming with bears.” and the name stuck. The band felt the name change was necessary because they felt their fanbase would respond well to it as well as be able to fit their artistic musical expression more.

“No one swims with bears.”

 Swimming With Bears are ecstatic about how much they are on the road and touring and about how their current single, “Shiver and Crawl” has made countless rotations in radio plays. Swimming With Bears also had a run of residencies throughout Texas, as well as appearances at some of Austin’s most renowned venues, the band was also invited to open for Weezer and Panic! At The Disco in June. The EP, which features lead single “Shiver and Crawl,” was produced by Matt Novesky of Blue October.

“Shiver and Crawl” is the first released single and has hit the radio waves like a firestorm. This track is also the bands favorite track because,

The amount of plays between “Shiver and Crawl” compared to the others is astounding, but seeing it actually happening, specially with the amount of work we put into it, is just amazing.”

The song really speaks for itself with its melodic and soulful vocals by Joe while also playing bass echoing a powerful message with the lyrics “Scandalized and hypnotized, yeah they feel no pain, so damn those who stand in my way..Make your move. No time to lose. Decide your fate.

Without A Plan” this track opens with a couple funky guitar riffs with some soft intro lyrics til the chorus hits with an amazing range on Joe’s outstanding vocal delivery, and the track mixing and mastering is very crisp and makes this track a ‘feel good song‘ on the EP. 

Love From Afar” is the slowest song on the EP and the most like a love song. Soft and easy it pleads to a girl wondering if he is good enough when he changes his ways. This delivers some chill and emotional lyrics and vocals and it adds something in Swimming With Bears’s EP and shows the diversity in song development and concepts. 

Do As Your Told” is a track that really stands out due to Joe’s approach lyrically and the back up vocals echoing woos throughout the track making it a solid song and empowering and defines it as the anthem on the EP. There are also high points in guitar works and even a break in the easygoing lyrics to once again show Joe’s range of his vocals. This is no doubt the stand out track hands down . 

Overall, this EP is very feel good and soulful, every track shows how the band is effectively improving and unique in the alternative scene.  While being empowering and delivering cool and catchy anthems and easy going and the bands backup with amazing riffs and and mixing. This will be a breakout band not to miss! Be on the lookout for Swimming With Bears and listen for “Shiver and Crawl” on your local alternative stations. 

Swimming With Bears is:

Joe Perry (vocals/bass)

Alec Conte (guitar)

Jon Kerr (guitar)

Ryan Hannasch (drums)

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Video of “Shiver and Crawl” (Live)