Review: Sylar – Help!


Artist: Sylar
Album: Help!
Rating: 10/10

Sometimes, things just get so bad that you can’t take it. You find yourself lying awake, not knowing what direction your life is headed and unsure if you even want to move on. You want to scream, but the words won’t come out. Inside, the words form over and over… “HELP!” You can’t reach out because you feel that no one will care, or will ignore your cries. You take a deep breath and finally find the strength to utter that word, as quiet as it may be. Its that internal struggle that no one will ever understand. But there are some individuals in New York, by the name of Sylar, who want you to understand that’s not the case. Fusing elements of nu-metal, hip-hop and metalcore… These guys are the best kept secret that’s about to be let out. Their sophomore album, aptly-titled Help! is their most revealing work to date. 11 no-holds barred tracks that will take you through the emotional wringer with no remorse, in an effort to make you see that you’re not alone. Quickly gaining ground in the music scene, it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear another band like them.

The album wastes no time pulling you in with the title track “Help!” A fiery track that takes you through the mind of someone with a dark past, wishing nothing for more than for it to go away. Endless nights, they lie awake, fearing closing their eyes and being pulled back into the nightmare. They try to reach out for help but they’re declared insane. Discouraged, they’re forced to live with it.

One of my favorite tracks on the album, after it grew on me, is the lead single “Assume.” It focuses on what its like to be different in an incredibly judgemental society. It teaches you to raise a middle finger to those who don’t understand and live your life as who/what you are… Not what they want you to be. This track is one of the most nu-metal influenced tracks on the album and has a weird melody surrounding the verses, which made it hard for me to get into at first. However, its perfect to have an odd sound for a track about living your life as an oddity.

“Dark Daze” has more of hip-hop influence, mixed with an active rock vibe and a lot of melody to it. This is a track that tackles the subject of feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, crushing you under the pressure. You feel as though, if you make one mistake… It’ll be the end of the world. As dark as your thoughts may get, you find a way to push through because you know you’ve got individuals counting on you and, without you, they wouldn’t make it.

If you’ve been looking for your album of the year contender, fearing that this year has held nothing worth sneezing about, look no further than Help! This album is more than just a cut above the rest, its on an entirely different plain of existence. In the era where nu-metal is making a major comeback, Sylar is at the forefront of the movement and they’ve got plenty to say. Be sure to pick up your copy of Help! out now on Hopeless Records! The band will hit the road with Ice Nine Kills (Fearless Records) on the “Hell in the Hallways” tour, starting September 9th, with tickets and VIP packages available now!


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“Assume” (Official Music Video)

Sylar is:

Jayden Panesso – Vocals
Dustin Jennings – Guitar
Miguel Cardona – Guitar/Vocals
Travis Hufton – Bass
Travis Veroutis – Drums