Review – Table Of Mahogany – “The Prophecy EP”



Artist: Table Of Mahogany

Album: “The Prophecy EP”

Rating: 10/10

“We want to make sure we touch on the fact that we are a musical collective…” says Tercero “..and that our mission is to make quality music with as many artists as possible, to create a more intelligent form of hip hop that transcends genres and boundaries.” He also adds ” Our name is Table Of Mahogany because we feel that musically we are all equal and everyone has an equal say and vote on what Table Of Mahogany is.”


Now let’s get to the music “The Prophecy EP” is a 5-track ride. All done in an upstairs apartment you can still feel a professional touch to every track. Starting with “Third Eye” this track I was really impressed with. When you listen it will┬ámake you feel some sort of awakening with the psychedelic beats and solid rhymes that this track offers. I find this song was mixed well in the amount of time it had.

Their track “Song Of Sirens” is outspoken with this track, speaking of chakras and meditation. you don’t normally hear this type of lyric volume on a rap album, but it works with the smooth beats and scientific knowledge of the stars and planets and the universe that brings the lyrics together. One thing is for sure this is one of the up and coming hip hop bands you need to have in your playlist. They take a beat an expand on it to the point you can feel like you have hit some type of ascendance

The next track I will mention is “Never Enough” which also has a remix as well. I was invited to listen to both tracks. The lyrics are hard hitting and awesomely laid out before us to enjoy. This track had pristine production and vocal delivery. Tercero has gone off in this song with a track spitter excellently executed as the song fades out I’m left with a bewilderment. You need these tracks in your life. So get out and get them.

They have an unreleased single “Diluted” which I was invited to listen to and I have to say it was stuck in my head after the first introduction into my eardrums. This is another trance like songs with strong lyrics smooth rhyming and vocals. Their production value always is top notch, there is no graininess or low quality always high precision clear sound and music beats.

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Table Of Mahogany is

Giorgio Vuitton – Producer
Daniel Zaliski – Producer, Lead Vocals
Archie Moses – Vocals
Tercero Munoz – Vocals
DJ Courier