Psychological horror in my music you say? Yes, I’ll take Two please. Volume Two: Mendacium, by this heavy hitting psychological Death Metal band Tales of the Tomb.

Artist: Tales of the Tomb
Album: Mendacium, Vol. 2

Following up on their recent single Nine Eleven, Tales of the Tomb release Album. There’s nothing more inviting than an albums art that truly holds up to the “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” (Album Art by Tony Midi of Tonymidi Artworks) Personally I’ve always had an interest in trying to stay as open minded and informed as possible. That being said, once I saw the marionette planes and the two towers, I grew this sinister smile. I knew exactly what I was about to get into. Say it for the people in the back! Tales of the Tomb Mendacium, Vol. 2, Or in Latin – “a false hood, or a lie.

I haven’t even listened to the first song on the record and I’m already being smacked to my happy place in conspiracy land, ready to put on my big boy ear phones and jam through what I already know is going to be very interesting to say the least. The first track on the record The Nightmare Hall, was right up my alley straight away, I’ve seen my share of alien and ufology related documentaries and I’ve never quite heard the story told this way. That stank face you make when you find something you didn’t expect, oh yes, that face ran took over pretty quick. After chugging my way through the first track I was ready for the mosh pit and a live show. Secondly on the album we have Faul, followed by Sinful Messiah then Dyatlov Pass Incident, Nine Eleven, and even a bonus track Mermaid in a Manhole.

You can obviously tell just from the track titles here this album is full of some, let’s call it “woke” news. Things that make you question the very reality that occupies your surroundings. Beastly, monstrous vocals by both band members, Corey Skerlak and Tres Thomas, with Tres also being the guitarist. If chuggy riffs accompanied by devastating blast beats, aliens, false flag operations, and mermaids are your cup of tea, then these beasts from Edmonton, Canada will be doing you a grand solid with Mendacium, Vol. 2. This Album brought something vastly different from the bands last release Morpras, Vol 1. Vocally these guys have transformed, so much, Mendacium, Vol. 2 has totally evolved also in the mixing. The mix is huge, being mixed and Master by Christian Donaldson at The Grid Studios. The need to head bang is strong with this one, and it made for an excellent addition to my Death Metal library.

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