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HIM needs no introduction. “Tears On Tape” is the 8th studio album from the Finnish rock band out of Helsinki. And honestly it’s up there as one of their best. I won’t waste anytime and I’m digging into the newest album as they have weaved a story of love and lost with TOT.

The Positives:

Tears On Tape is a huge step forward for HIM. With hypnotic melodies, emotion-filled vocals, and absolutely no let up in power from the get-go, this album is amazing. The first single, All Lips Go Blue, is the best track off the album hands down. It is a story of love lost, which HIM tells like only they can. Not since “Wings Of A Butterfly” have I been so engrossed in a HIM song. Love Without Tears follows up and is yet another amazing track. Same power, but in a slight but noticeable differnt way of displaying it. All in all, each track has it’s own vibe to it, while keeping that unique HIM sound they’ve come to show us time after time.

The Negatives:

Honestly, there are very few negatives. One glaring flaw is that HIM is telling the same kind of story, and it’s getting kind of old. Not really a bad thing, because it sounds divine, but I want something fresh in the themes. Other than that, this is an amazing near perfect album.

Tears On Tape is an amazing album, and while it breaks little new ground in themes, the sounds are polished and divine. You will NOT be disappointed with this purchse.

Standout Tracks: All Lips Go Blue, Love Without Tears

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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