REVIEW: Texas In July “Bloodwork”


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Hard hitting and pure emotion from start to finish, Bloodwork shows a new side of Texas In July. With a new vocalist and lead guitarist the band decided to buckle down and put out what is arguably some of the best material they’ve written to date. JT Cavey’s strident highs and savage lows are a perfect fit for the band. He even throws in some cleans, which is a first for the band. The guitar work is absolutely amazing, mixing fast paced riffs with amazing solos and hard pounding chugs for the breakdowns. Of course, when discussing metalcore the breakdowns will always come into play. I don’t normally point them out, but this album has some of the best breakdowns I’ve heard all year. Each one is fast, sharp, and downright outstanding.

As exceptional as JT Cavey is for the band, the standout track on this album is the instrumental song “Decamilli”. Starting out with a soothing guitar melody, the drums and bass soon kick in and the feelings quicken. The song gets progressively heavier but still keeps that melodic melody throughout. The best part of the whole song is the drum solo. Forty-three seconds of pure eardrum pounding beats. If it wasn’t for the marvelous guitar work, the first-rate drums would be the biggest strength in TIJ’s instrumental assault on your auditory senses.

This album isn’t going to influence any changes within the genre, but it certainly will help build the existing foundations. TIJ has sharpened their teeth and will remind everyone what metalcore should be. Expeditious, uncompromising instrumentals with forceful and compelling vocal work.