Review: The Dev “Shameless Life”

with MVK Music Group

“Never liked using the term “female-fronted” for a band that has a woman leading on vocals but The Dev’s lead vocalist, Nikollaj, is a force in hard rock to be reckoned with! “Shameless Life” is The Devs’ latest release and it carries with it such a tangled force. A perfected line of lyrics with the backing of everything surrounding it. The masterful guitar riffs are succinctly placed and show the depth of musicianship and the seriousness The Dev places into their passion… music.” – Shawn Riley

Chris – “I really love the story behind this song and the way we artistically express the dichotomy of being in the music industry.”
Barrett- “The music and arrangement is something that I love about this song. It has your heavy riffs you can thrash your head to, but with the simplicity of a pop style vocal performance and choruses along with storytelling lyrics that show the alternative side of the industry.”
Ryan – “To me, this song presents two important things in someone’s life: passion & purpose. Everyone dreams and searches for each (passion/purpose) and those lucky enough to find them sometimes don’t realize how hard you have to fight for them. But as presented in this song: if you believe, work hard, and continue to pursue your dreams, you can achieve them.” 
John – “The song makes me feel alive, it makes me feel like I’m doing the one thing I’m supposed to be doing in this crazy world. All the pain and abandonment issues I’ve suffered throughout my whole life; from my father never wanting anything to do with me, all the way to people in general not wanting anything to do with me. It’s about harnessing that energy, that feeling and letting it all loose in a riff, in a gesture, in a movement, and in a song.”
Nikollaj- “When writing this song, I needed it to be somewhat poppy and catchy because the lyrics are raw. It truly is a shameless life being in the music industry, but being on stage is something that I and the band yearn for. And if we’re being honest, it’s all that we want. To wake up and tour, write, play, sleep, and repeat.”

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