REVIEW: The Sons Of Katie Elder- The Eye Of The Beholder

Rating: 4/5


What is in a name? In today’s society, a lot. That’s exactly what you get from Bronx, NY’s The Sons Of Katie Elder. Fusing Metal/Hardcore, these guys have a great sound. Their debut Ep, The Eye Of The Beholder, is a testament to their hard work and dedication to make great music. In this review, I’ll take a look at the 5 song Ep, pick out my favorite tracks and give some things I feel could be better. Are you ready? If so, then read on!

This Ep is very good but sadly very short! Hector has amazing vocals and the guitars are seemingly flawless. There is a ton of melodic traits and I honestly hear a lot of Sovereign Strength and The Red October in this music. Musicianship is a plus and I don’t hear too many off beats or dead riffs. As far as how the songs are put together, I loved it. Everything flows very smoothly and gems such as “High Tide” and “The Irony” speak for themselves!
Key Track: The Irony
This song is really good and I was very impressed at how good the guitars actually sounded! Right out of the gate, a great opening riff starts us out! The lead guitar has a great melody going and the drums are spot on with double beats! The line ” Push me away!” really defines the song. Not a ton of melody in this song, its just a great hard hitting song to let some anger out! This song has so many different tempos from slow breakdown, to fast paced hammer-ons. Great song and great effort by the band. Loved it!
Key Track: High Tide
Easily my favorite track! This song has so much melody and it has a lot of drive behind. Starting off the song is a great riff and a great lead! Drums are definitely the most impressive. You can really hear the passion in Hectors voice as he sings in this song. Matter of fact, you can tell the band has perfected their sound with this song! I honestly believe that ” High Tide” is a must hear! Words won’t do it justice! Tempo changes a-plenty. The chorus is really impressive and has a great beat to it. Overall this song has a great vibe, and I love the ending breakdown, probably the best part of the song!
Final Thoughts
The Sons Of Katie Elder have a great sound and a great drive behind them. Hector is a very cool and passionate guy just from casual conversations with him. I give this ep 4/5 for the great effort and sound. The thing I have to say I didn’t like was the overall production and mix of the songs. Not bad for a debut but still a little disappointing and when you factor in this band has so much talent. Drums were mixed a little to wet to me, and the bass of the song is on the low side. Coming from a guy who produces his own music and local bands, I have to say its overall solid. This band has the potential to be one of New York’s finest bands if they establish a great foundation. What better place to start a band than the Bronx!?! Be on the lookout for these guys in the fall! Great things coming! Download or buy the album by getting in contact with the band via their facebook page! The Sons Of Katie Elder, remember that name! Great things to come!

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