Review: Thieves – No Motive

Artist: Thieves
Album: No Motive
Rating: 9.5/10

Pop-punk is a term that brings up nostalgic memories of long car rides with friends, devastating heartbreaks and feelings of growing up. Most bands that bring this sound to life, in this day and age, though, tend to focus more on the more modern idea of pizza and getting out of their hometowns. However, there are some bands who manage to stay a cut above the rest and make you really appreciate their effort. Cherry-picking the bands who stand out, in far more ways than one, has become something of an art to Revival Recordings CEO/Founder, Shawn Milke, and his team. With the motto “Good Music by Good People,” they make sure that their artists are, not only just talented but, incredibly personable, as well. It is this reason that they’re quickly becoming one of the most widely-recognizable, up-and-coming labels in the music industry today. One of their newest signings, Thieves, finds themselves somewhere in between pop-punk and post-hardcore, with lyrics that will pierce the soul and regress you back to a time when “emo” music ruled the airwaves.

Vocalist/guitarist Billy Canino has an amazing voice that finds itself bending and twisting to fit the emotions meant to be conveyed in each and every track. One of the most impressive qualities about this band is how complex and technical their music is, despite them being a pop-punk band! The guitars on this album are far more interesting than what you would expect to hear in a typical pop-punk album. Furthermore, while the atmosphere of the music sends you into a fit of nostalgia, the music itself has a very modern edge to it and it sounds like what the genre SHOULD sound like, progressed as many years as it has. Clearly wanting to make their predecessors (bands like Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, etc) proud, they’ve managed to outdo themselves before they even really began. Each track has its own life breathed into it, with no 2 tracks sounding the same, on any front.

My only question remains, if this is how great their DEBUT album turned out, can they manage to top it with their next release? For now, we’ll enjoy seeing the band tour, bringing these songs to life on stage and just enjoy the massive success that they’re going to have with both this sound and this album. Pick up No Motive today, via the links below and fall in love with a new era of aggressive pop-punk!

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“Fade” (Official Lyric Video)

“Drag Me Into Light” (Official Music Video)

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Thieves is:

Billy (vox/guitar)
Chris (guitar/vox)
Nathan (bass/vox)
Judson (drums)