Review – Thousand Foot Krutch – Untraveled Roads (Live)


Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch

Album: Untraveled Roads (Live)

Rating: 10/10

Thousand Foot Krutch is delivering their second live performance in about 5 years, underneath their own TFK independent label, which is very impressive. Thousand Foot Krutch really deliver an amazing performance in this live album.

The album opens with a roar and a countdown from the crowd. Thousand Foot Krutch open with “Running With Giants” which still practically like the actual album full of the same intensity and clear lyrics with a couple added flairs that can only be in a live performance.

The crowd continues to roar as Thousand Foot Krutch start the next song, “Light Up The Sky”
I did notice on this track that leadman McNevan seemed to take it down a notch, more probably to get his bearings while still delivering a solid vocal performance through every track.

The next track is the title song, “Untraveled Road” which is already amped, the track sounds better live with the rawness of McNevan’s amazing and solid vocal intensity. The song ends and the crowd erupts with a roar out letting Thousand Foot Krutch know they rocked the house.

Trevor McNevan takes it and shows us it’s all possible with the track, “Be Somebody” and before beginning he speaks freely about Christ and his faith at the end of “Courtesy Call”. He speaks about today’s culture and the pressure for acceptance by it rather than Christ’s acceptance.

“War Of Change” clearly leaves the audience mesmerized by Trevor’s vocals keeping it consistent and fluid. You can literally hear the awe of the crowd throughout his performance in this track. Even as a listener, I found it to mesmerize wishing I could have experienced in in person. I can almost imagine my adrenaline pumping and what the audience was feeling as they let out another roar of approval as the song fades out and the audience lets out a roar to further solidify their approval once again.

Overall the production value is crisp and clear for a live performance. The vocals are clean and top notch. The crowd seems amped and energetic. Thousand Foot Krutch is very crowd engaging and intense making this and amazing album to not miss, almost making you feel you are actually there. The band pulls out all the stops the make this and amazing performance.

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Thousand Foot Krutch is:

Trevor McNevan–Lead Vocals

Joel Bruyere–Bass

Steve Augustine–Drums

Andrew Welch–Guitars

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