Review: Throwdown – Intolerance


Artist: Throwdown
Album: Intolerance
Rating: 9.5/10

For fans of hardcore music, Throwdown should need little to no introduction. They were a staple in the genre for quite some time, that is, until they dropped off the face of the earth around 2010. Their last album, “Deathless” left a little something to be desired, creating an entirely new image, sound and overall attitude for the band… or so it seemed. Almost 4 years later, the follow-up to that album, “Intolerance” will be released and it’s a throwback to their old style in a big way!

“Intolerance” picks up perfectly where 2005’s “Vendetta” left off, leaving you floored, in the dust within the first 30 seconds! This album is a pure 30 minute assault. For those who were complaining about clean vocals on “Deathless”, fear not and rejoice for there is not a single clean vocal part on this album. The album’s first single, “Avow” is all about Throwdown’s Straight-edge lifestyle, as TRUE hardcore bands have been known to do. Of course, “Defend With Violence” is a track about standing up for what you believe in, even if it means getting physical. Sadly, there are many hardcore fans who take this a little too seriously, leaving the genre a bit distraught and not as bonded as it once was.

From beginning to end, I guarantee you will not stop banging your head! This album was designed for the fans to show that the true nature of Throwdown will never die. If you have been reminiscing about their old sound, you will definitely want to check this album out! It’s near perfect as far as hardcore albums go! Check out the full stream below and go pick your copy up on Tuesday or pre-order it via the links below!

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