REVIEW: For Today “Fight The Silence”


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A band with a message. No matter how controversial the message may be, that’s what For Today has always done. Never shying away from their Christian roots, they have always consistently brought the heavy while preaching the message of God. Their last album “Immortal” was a testament to that, and it was one of the best releases of 2012. Fast forward two years later, For Today is back to pound your face in with “Fight The Silence” and that’s what they intend to do. In a way this is one concept album you cannot miss. In a statement released with the music video for “Fight The Silence” Mattie Montgomery said he was shown this video and said “I was sobbing, snot coming out of my nose, tears coming down my face.” He decided to rewrite everything from there. Within 45 minutes, he had written “Fight The Silence” and changed the direction of the entire release saying “”I want the world to hear about this thing.”

For Today has released what is arguably their heaviest and most emotional album to date. Each track is a heart piercing testament to changing the world around you. From stopping the horrible reality that is human trafficking (Fight The Silence) to ending the violence and poverty in the world (A Call To Arms), each track has a message which acts as a call to arms (hehehe…punny) to better the world around you. Of course the message is backed up by one of the most amazing albums I’ve heard this year. The most emotional track on the album has to be “Fatherless” which honestly made me cry. I always listen to an album from start to finish before I start replaying tracks, but Fatherless is the standout track and deserves to be played at least 10 times. A heart-shattering testament to losing your father at a young age and having to grow up without him, this will tear at your heart like a chainsaw. This is a complete musical package, with hard hitting instrumentals and some of the emotional lyrics I’ve ever heard.

One of the most emotional albums ever released, “Fight The Silence” will make you rethink everything you know about the world. Pushing the the veil away to give you a harsh look at the true realities of the lives we live and how much we ignore while we go about our day, this is one release you cannot miss.

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: Proceeds from this album will go towards The A21 Campaign to stop human trafficking.