Review: Trivium – Vengeance Falls

Artist: Trivium
Album: Vengeance Falls
Rating: 10/10

If you’re like me, the hype that Trivium built for their newest album was almost unbearable. They released “transmissions”, which revealed different bits of info about the album, released 1 song and FINALLY announced everything, including a tour after months of torture. However, having finally been able to listen to “Vengeance Falls” in it’s entirety, I can now say, without a doubt, that it was well worth all the hype it received. If you haven’t been following the band, this album was produced & recorded by David Draiman (of Disturbed/Device fame). There were a lot of cruel comments going around the web about how the band would sound like Disturbed because of this. However, even if that were the case, which it’s not, this album is, BY FAR, their most matured, well-oiled, finely-tuned machine to date. They took plenty of time to create this record and the final outcome is beyond words. Let’s dive into why I say these things, though.

Lyrical Content: Lyrically, MKH is at his prime on this record. The subject matter deals with everything from war, to hate, to dealing with inner demons and much more. My favorite track, lyrically, on the album is called “Villainy Thrives”. This is a track aimed at the government, who has gone from making a nation feel safe and secure to near-tyranny. “It’s not that I take life for granted/It’s only that the good won’t make it/Innocence dies while villainy thrives.” These lyrics hit home and are very true to what our nation has become. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. “Brave This Storm”, the track released from the album and the opening track, is a track about taking all life has to throw at you. It sets the scene for all the album has to offer. Another track directed at the government’s actions is “To Believe”, which is about the feeling of anger as they send others to die and are just, by this point, overall horrible at their job. The government’s job is to protect and to serve their nation, however, greed has consumed them all. The final track, “Wake (The End is Nigh)”, however takes an entirely different twist. Starting out slow, with some of the lowest vocals I’ve ever heard Heafy sing, it’s a track about a love gone wrong, seemingly during an apocalyptic era. “Take it away/Every second of pain/Like a stake to the brain/Existence inhumane”. The track is basically about taking so much s**t just for the sake of “love”, that was never really there to begin with. I feel like there are many people who will relate with this track on a personal level. I’ll save some surprises for when you will be able to listen to it though.

Instrumentals: David Draiman worked individually with every member of the band to insure that this record was the best it could be. Every riff, every beat, every bass line and every lyric sung are at a level which, many presumed impossible! Musically (and lyrically, for that matter), the title track, “Vengeance Falls” is absolutely one of my favorites. Another one that will punch you in the face musically is “Through Blood And Dirt And Bone”, which has some incredibly relatable lyrics as well. But the best part of this track is the solo and the riffs in general. I’ll be honest and say that Shogun, musically, is my favorite Trivium album because it was so well put together and it had a feel that really fit the band. However, Vengeance Falls, after countless listens, has quickly moved it’s way up the ladder to stand right next to Shogun to me. I can’t find a way good enough describe the instrumentals on this album, you just have to hear to believe. I doubt anyone will ever doubt Draiman’s skill when it comes to producing again after hearing this album!

I was sold by the first 2 songs the band released, “Brave This Storm” and “Strife”. After hearing the album in full, I will be recommending it to every one I know. I will be traveling to Wichita, KS to see them with Devildriver and After the Burial on October 11th and I am absolutely stoked to hopefully hear some of these tracks live! One of the coolest things about this album cycle is that the album is actually released on my birthday and, for those who know me, Trivium is one of my favorite bands. I suggest going to pick up your copy of “Vengeance Falls” on October 15th and see what all the hype is about! The album will be available on Roadrunner Records and will be available wherever music is sold!

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