REVIEW: A Trust Unclean – “Architect of Illusion” & “Cryogenic Slumber Party” [Single/2013]



Artist:  A Trust Unclean [Facebook]

Song:  “Architect of Illusion” & “Cryogenic Slumber Party

Coming from almost out of nowhere, A Trust Unclean have released to the world two new songs, one of which being this.  A Trust Unclean hit the ground running with these two tracks.  “Architect of Illusion” is a throwback to the hard hitting sounds of Suicide Silence, but hitting as fast as bands like Attila and The Black Dahlia Murder.  This is an facemelting track that’ll take you on an unforgiving aural assault of death metal at its finest.  “Cryogenic Slumber Party” seems to take the listener on an entirely different adventure – this song shows us the technical side of A Trust Unclean, even starting out with some brilliant guitar playing.  The sound itself seems to be a mixture of, once again, Suicide Silence, but with an equal part of The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, in a way.  All in all, the guys in A Trust Unclean are making their way to the scene with an amazing mixture of brutality and technicality, and are hitting it hard.  The only problem I could find in any of this is the production, but this band seems to be just getting its big start, so I can’t really hold that against them – considering these are singles and this band isn’t too “huge,” though, the production could be considered amazing with these circumstances.  Make sure to keep an eye on these guys, and throw these songs up for a few listens – maybe that’ll hold you off until these boys put out more music, which I doubt will be long, considering the promise they show.