REVIEW – Truth Behold – Maieutic – 2012











Rating 10/10

Track List

1. Legion
2. Path To Progression
3. Identity
4. Omitted Omniscience
5. Abyss
6. Habeas Corpus
7. Phoenix Rises
8. Scaphandre
9. Babylon 2.0
10. Sandstorm

Maieutic – HERE

Upon traveling down the road of life you rarely ever come across something that takes you for a hellacious ride and leaves you breathless.  The boys from Truth Behold are my hellacious ride.  Each song has its own message and format to get you in-tune with these gracious gentlemen all under the drinking age, believe it or not have already got a release under their belt.  As well as being young gents, they all personally produced this CD.  Talk about a lot at once for being just only 18!  The CD has everything I want in a band.  Some may diverge and say this band sounds just like all the rest of the cookie-cutter deathcore, palm mute tyrants, but I do believe those people need to actually listen to this CD,  Maieutic – the belief that truth is latent in the mind.  This CD shows all aspects of what can be accomplished and completed by the lyrics within this release.  Truth is something many believed to be attained, not instructed.   Listen to this CD and tell me before it’s finished you are not convinced this is a stellar release from Truth Behold.

Each track is brutiful and crushing as the CD slowly transcends within your mind of inner thought leading you to believe that you are seriously listening to a great performance and not just following a trend like many would have us believe.  I find the most fascinating is the way each track has a transition to the next track.  Hidden within Maieutic are a few cleans that may shy many deathcore enthusiasts away, but this is not your typical singing.  The heart stopping and palpable display shows that you do not need to be cliché to be heavy.  This CD is perfectly choreographed to just have you pleading for more and before you know it your mind has exploded from the sheer veracity that bellows within your mind of absolute assurance.  Within each track lies a little tidbit that these gents know how to please the audience and make this CD a great conclusion to the end of the year.  Many releases come and go, but this CD is truly one that I shall be spinning and telling everyone to listen to.  From the crushing breakdowns to the deathly lows, this CD delivers

For Fans Of – Early Born of Osiris, Within The Ruins, Between The Buried And Me

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