Review: Until Dawn – Horizon

UntilDawn_Horizon Album Cover

Artist: Until Dawn
Album: Horizon
Rating: 9/10

I’m always impressed when I find, or am introduced to, a band that explores many facets of metal, rather than sticking to one genre. Until Dawn is definitely one of those bands and, beyond that fact, they are incredibly impressive on their own merit. Their new album, Horizon, was released last year and is truly one of the best metal albums I’ve heard in awhile! Vocalist, Adam Macleod, really knows how to harness, hone and fine-tune his art, as well as his range. There’s no comparing (or even trying) to compare him to any other metal vocalist, big or small because he’s truly unique.

This album tackles many different subjects in a very direct manner. Take the track “Conjurer of Cheap Tricks” for example, a track about the cowardice of cyber-bullying and trolling. “You hide behind your screen, spewing your beliefs, hoping someone will read”. Of course, there are the brutal tracks but there was one track that really shocked me called “DNR”, which is an acoustically driven almost ballad-like track. It almost feels like the same vibe as Beneath The Sky’s “Another Day” in some parts. It’s a beautiful track that will really pull at your heart strings and show you that there’s an emotional side to this band as well.

One thing is for sure, Until Dawn is on their way to the top, slowly but surely. Horizon is something that every true metal fan can enjoy and could even be used to get someone who hasn’t previously listen to metal into it. Be sure to pick up your copy of Horizon using the links below or directly from the band at a show! If their live show is anything like this album, you won’t regret spending your money to see them!

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