Review: VARNA – This Time, It’s Personal


Artist: Varna
Album: This Time It’s Personal
Rating: 10/10

Varna is a female-fronted hard rock/pop trio out of Los Angeles, CA. When it comes to bands with a strong female lead, you guys should know I’m very biased. There’s something about vocalist Tiana Woods’ voice that captivates and ensnares the senses, not letting go until the final lyric is sung. While it’s true that most incredibly famous bands have been trios, it’s a pretty difficult task to pull off the type of sound that they aim for and Varna is a band that has done this perfectly. Their debut EP “This Time, It’s Personal” is nothing short of an amazing rock EP that conveys emotion, power and raw talent on full display to the very end. The lead single from the album “Down” is a track about love gone stale and it truly makes you feel as if you’re sinking down with her. Very few tracks that tackle this subject have managed to pull it off in the manner that Varna did. Enough about the vocals, though, time to give the rest of the band some spotlight. Guitarist Rossen Pinkas’s riffs will be stuck in your head for days and you’ll find yourself playing air guitar as if you were back in the 90s with your favorite heavy metal solo going! Add in Rob Shin’s impeccable time on the drums and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. The whole EP is something that the band are proud of (rightfully so!) and you can feel it with every single note, lyric, strum and beat that comes out of your speakers. “This Time, It’s Personal” is an album to beat this year for sure. Be sure to check out the lyric video for “Down” below and go buy the album on iTunes! While you’re at it, give their FB page a like and go say hi to the band! Dedication at it’s finest is the best way to describe them and they’ve proven that with this release! Go pick it up and find out for yourself!

“Down” Official Lyric Video

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“This Time, It’s Personal” [iTunes]

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