Review – Vault 51 – Kid

Artist: Vault 51

Album: Kid [EP]

Rating: 9/10

Vault 51 is a band of perseverance, and their new EP “Kid” is the band’s first release, but it’s promising for the future of the band. Even after years of developing their unique sound, Vault 51 is thrilled to release their debut EP “Kid”, which became available on July 20th, 2017. It has a crisp production value, and besides the album’s instrumentation, the band’s front man, Landon Jones, has a unique and very versatile voice. Landon goes well from highs to lows and it brings you back around again, which is more than you can ask for in an EP release. The band’s guitarist Tom Jepson helps fill out the vocal register, doing background vocals.

Vault 51 has a sound that primarily points towards alternative rock but at times, it really leans into the post hardcore instrumental side. It’s this blending of elements that truly drives the sound forward and helps “Kid” be engaging, energetic and extremely long-lasting, even though 3 of the 6 songs have been previously released.

“Thirty Six” which not only sets the pace for the remaining tracks, but showcases the varied styles and the many multi-talented approach that Vault 51 take with their release as the ticking of a clock fades as the opening riff overtakes it, blasting off into a full band sound before vocals enter the fray in to the background. “Thirty Six” is the lead single from “Kid” and it is easy to see why. This song is a monster and needs to be heard.

“Magnolia” is a track worthy of repeat into your eardrums. This track continues with Vault 51’s colorful rock vibe with melodic driven riffs and clean harmonious singing with the lyrics echoing:

“The angel you love, can hurt you the most. Magnolias began, growing from empty hands”

in the fadeout at the end of the track which impacts you and leaves you with a chill and a haunting feeling and it sticks.

The track ” Sincerely, Me” delivers some full on melodic intensity, blazing a new found path for the band in this interesting introduction for the band in this EP that I’m honored to write about. Furthermore, the track, “We Don’t Care” opens with some heavy instrumentals on display. Then, the vocals hit, and its mind blowing the First, Second, Third listen. This will be a stand out track to check outon the album, ” “Kid”, which is availble in the links below.

This album has really set the rungs high for any band following behind Vault 51. They are aggressive but melodic. The Leadman has amazing vocals and are lyrically inclined. Vault 51 pulls out all the stops on the album, “Kid”, so check it out, the album is available now!



Official Video For “Wildfire”

Official Video For ” Thirty Six”