REVIEW: Yes Virginia – “After Your Own Heart – EP” (2013)



Artist:  Yes Virginia [Facebook]

Album:  “After Your Own Heart – EP”


  1. Me Plus You
  2. Trophy Boys
  3. Ten Twenty
  4. I’m Not Impressed
  5. You’re Just Like Mondays

After a short tour and some intense writing, New Jersey boys Yes Virginia are back with their sophomore EP, “After Your Own Heart,” bringing to the table even more of their hot jams, which they’re already known for.  Yes Virginia are setting out to put out music for their fans’ listening pleasure and aren’t in it for the media – they’re not trying to hit it big, but these boys sure do pack quite a punch this time around with this new release, definitely topping their debut EP.  Without further introduction, here’s my review of Yes Virginia’s “After Your Own Heart,” enjoy!:

The Good:

This EP is a definite improvement from their last release, in every way possible – the production is perfect, the new use of electronics is quite the fun filler thrown in with the already key pop punk sound, and the all-around sound itself flows much better than before.  Everyone has come unto their own sound here, finally getting a perfect grip on the sound they want to put out to the masses – the drums hit hard and well, the guitars and bass put on a sweet jam and the vocals have definitely improved.  Giving other rising pop punk bands a run for their money, Yes Virginia have honed their skills and are back with an even harder hit than before, heed my words.

The Bad:

Really the only unlikable thing here is the length of the release – Yes Virginia are a band you listen to and just want more, as with most pop punk bands (Surely fellow pop punk fans will agree.).  You just don’t want these hot jams to end – you don’t want the party to stop, but this EP cuts short, only five tracks in length.  Though, this is to be expected, considering it IS an EP, of course, but still – when these boys release a full length album, it’ll be a blessing.


This is an excellent pop punk album, hitting every target perfectly – a bullseye.  This won’t be the least bit disappointing to any Yes Virginia or pop punk fans alike, and is well worth the price!

Stand-Out Track:

“I’m Not Impressed”:  To be fully honest, this song made it to this spot mostly because of the fact it seems to pack more of a punch – seems to have more energy and push to it than most other songs from the album.  The EP does have energy, of course, but this one just seemed to take the cake, and not just on the energy – this song has some sweet drum lines, if you take notice of the drums, and probably some of the best guitar work over-all.


Yes Virginia have come back with recording and have given us just a taste of what they’ve got to show after playing shows and practicing with “After Your Own Heart,” and, honestly, I expect them to step-it-up another notch entirely the next go around – fingers crossed for a full length, here, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same, pop punk fans!  This EP released on the twenty-second of January and is available for purchase NOW on iTunes!

Rating:  8 / 10

For Fans Of:  Yellowcard, The Wonder Years, City Lights