REVIEW: Voice of Contention – “Worlds Apart – EP” (2013)


Artist:  Voice of Contention [Facebook]

Album:  “Worlds Apart – EP”


  1. Emptiness
  2. The Loss
  3. Hopes and Dreams
  4. Worlds Apart
  5. Something Greater

Hailing in from Sweden, these boys in Voice of Contention blast their way onto the scene with sweet melodies, hard hitting chugs, ear-devastating breakdowns and honest, hope-filled lyrics.  Without fail, “Worlds Apart” is definitely just that, filled to the brim with these aforementioned things, and, when all are strung together and presented in front of you, the product is something absolutely wonderful – something all of Voice of Contention’s own creation.  Well, without further hold-up, here’s my review of Voice of Contention’s “Worlds Apart”:

“Worlds Apart” is a gateway into beauty, destruction and hope.  This release seems to be an ode to some deep, pent-up feelings, all coming out at once.  This EP reflects many different feelings and emotions, such as hope, sorrow, loneliness and grief.  Not only is this feeling expressed through its well written and outstandingly beautiful lyrics, but the music itself reflects such feelings.  The beautiful melodies can, at one moment, fill the listener with happiness and, at another, fill them with just a bit of sorrow and memories, taking them back to when they felt just the same feelings that the writer felt as they looked back and wrote these amazing lyrics.  The breakdowns, and all heavy aspects of the album, present an angrier, resenting feeling – a feeling of abandonment and betrayal.

Stand-Out Track:

“Something Greater”:  Not simply because this is the softest song of the album, but this song seems to be a stand-out because of the strong feelings brought out by it.  “So please don’t let me wait, let me find my way; I will never look back again.”  Such strong, such powerful feelings risen, and only from the beginning of this song!  This song expresses such strong feelings, which this EP and even the band itself seems to be all about.  The music, as it does throughout the album, doesn’t fail to do just the same.  The melodies, so ambient and beautiful, they could bring the strongest man to his knees.  This song seems to be a reflection back on the past, and at the same time a looking out to the future.  I want to share this song with the world, it’s just simply so… So amazing; I cannot even find words to truly describe how I feel about this song.


Over all, this album is deeply emotional; at some points, it made me feel like I wanted to go into the streets and lose it, go crazy; start a mosh pit!  Then, at other points, I felt so low, so caught up in my own thoughts, memories and past that I couldn’t breathe.  The beauty and honesty of this band and release is just so wonderful and grand, I can barely even contain my own emotions while I continue to write this review.  Please, find this band and listen to this beautiful EP; every song, a masterpiece that could bring tears to your eyes.  “Worlds Apart – EP” released on January fourteenth of this year and is reachable through many links on the bands Facebook page, all in one post, including iTunes and Bandcamp.  Please, reach out and find this album; you won’t be disappointed.

Rating:  5/5