Review: Volumes – Different Animals

Artist: Volumes
Album: Different Animals

Volumes returns with their second full-length album (and first for new label Fearless Records). With the departure of long-time vocalist Michael Barr and arrival of his replacement, Myke Terry (ex-Bury Your Dead,) fans began to fear if they would still sound the same. The problem with that is you should never expect a band to sound the same. Whether the changes are subtle or drastic, you want each release to show something different and more mature. Bands are made up of individuals with different tastes, different styles and characteristics that make their playing stand out. Life would be boring if bands just released the same album over, and over, and over again. For fans who are ready to embrace change, though, Different Animals is ready to impress.

“Waves Control” provides that all-too-familiar “Djent” sound, opening the album and starting things off heavy. When Terry’s vocals come in on the chorus, though, you’ll find yourself in mesmerized, as he provides a much more easy-listening experience than his predecessor. In fact, if you’ve followed the band and heard the album’s lead single “Feels Good” which was released well before the album announcement, you’ll have known that this is a very different sound. “Finite” focuses a good bit more on clean vocals, as lyrically it touches on the frailty of human life. There are parts of this track that will have the listener picturing that they’re being hunted by a large predator, like a lion, and even has some screamed parts that sound like roars.

Perhaps it’s the perception of the listener, maybe not, but the album version of “Feels Good” sounds like there are a lot more layers to it. The atmosphere is thickened, the chorus sounds fuller and it makes a lot more sense to the album as a whole, in this incarnation. “Hope” takes a very different turn, providing us with a more hip-hop/R&B vibe when it kicks in. Mid-tempo, rapped verses give way to some impressive use of electronics in the chorus.

The album has two interlude tracks. The first, simply-titled “interlude” is piano-led and features distant vocals with a melancholy feel to it. The second, titled “Tides Change” reminds me of one of those epic, slow acoustic pieces you’d hear in the 80s, right before you had your face melted off by a solo.

Different Animals is more than just a title, it’s a statement by the band that, though they love and embrace their past material, Terry’s style brings out a fresh, unique side of the band. It’s like two sides of the same coin, both are remarkable in their own way but they’re still the same band. Different Animals was released this past Friday, via Fearless Records and can be purchased via the links below.

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“Finite” (Official Music Video)

“Waves Control” (Official Audio)

“On Her Mind (feat. Pouya)” (Official Music Video)

“Feels Good” (Official Music Video)

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