Review: We, The Chosen – If Only Out of Spite (Single)


Artist: We, The Chosen
Album: If Only Out of Spite – Single
Rating: 4/5

As many of you know, we’ve been partnered with independent label, Afflicted Records, since they began. They have been known to scope out some of the best bands you’ve never known and sign them, bring them to your ears and make you love them. Their latest signing, We, The Chosen, is a 6-piece from all over the nation that brings you a unique mix of post-hardcore and melodic hardcore music that is relatable, catchy and will have the metalheads banging their heads!

With their debut single, “If Only Out of Spite”, they have already shown a ton of potential. While the clean vocals need a little fixing up, it’s the screams and instrumentals that really brought out the interest in this band for me. “If Only Out of Spite” tells the story of a boy who tries his hardest to impress his father but always falls short. His father has left him more than once and he’s had enough so he leaves to prove himself to, not only his father but the world. This project is an experimental project that really has the potential to be the next big thing on the scene. Each and every member brings a unique flavor to the table but I don’t know if it’s the way this track was mixed or if it’s just a slight lack of emotion… the cleans really turned me off of it at first.

In any case, this track is well worth checking out! Check out Afflicted Records, We, The Chosen and “If Only Out of Spite” by visiting the links below and be sure to keep up with all of them as they’ve got nowhere to go but up!

We, The Chosen
Afflicted Records