Review: Welcome the Wildfire – Where I Ignite

Artist: Welcome the Wildfire
Album: Where I Ignite
Rating: 5/5
When you fall in love, how do you react? Do you become fearful? Do you Welcome the Wildfire or do you douse the flames before they get too out of control? If you’re like me, you’ll realize it’s scary at first, but in time you’ll be asking yourself: “How can I find Where I Ignite?” Welcome the Wildfire’s debut EP, “Where I Ignite” touches on just that subject and I promise you, you won’t find a more impressive band that mixes pop-punk and metal in the Australian circuit. Formed by ex-We Can Breathe In Space front man, Joel Astbury, this band is filled with energy, melody and an overall positive vibe that they’re ready to unleash upon the world.

The EP is a perfect mix of pop-punk lyrics, hard rock melody and lyrical content that will relate with even the iciest hearts. The first single, “Making Mona Lisa” feels like something straight typical of radio-play, but a quick dissection of the track will reveal it’s far more than that. While the track doesn’t reach out and grab you like the rest of the album does, it’s a solid idea of what to expect from the band and the album itself. Throughout the album, you will be taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride perfect for those who are into the idea of relationship type songs. It takes you through the beginning of a relationship, revealing all, until it’s inevitable end. But fear not, it’s not meant to be an album that will depress you. It’s meant to show you how fragile a heart can be and how much you should cherish those you love. More importantly, it is meant to show how quickly bad relationships can end.

“It Is What It Is”, for example, is about mistakes made, the fights that ensue and how feelings are bottled up. Everything appears to be okay on the outside, but on the inside, you know it’s not going to last. The hurt is too deep, but you hold onto that person for all they’re worth until the relationship reaches, what you know to be, it’s inevitable end. These guys have an incredible way of conveying emotion through their music. If you’re meant to feel an emotion, the music, the lyrics and the atmosphere will reflect on that particular emotion.

“Where I Ignite” is easily one of the most impressive pieces of work to have come out of 2014 so far. Welcome the Wildfire will be a band to watch throughout this year and next as they tour as much as they can and gear up for their next release. If you haven’t heard of them, I recommend every one out there who is reading this to stop what they’re doing and go pick up the EP. You won’t be disappointed.

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