Review – William Ryan Key – Thirteen


Artist: William Ryan Key

Album: Thirteen (EP)

Rating: 10/10


William Ryan Key is an American rock musician. He is best known as the former lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of the former pop punk musical group Yellowcard. You love Ryan Key of Yellowcard right? Well this isn’t Yellowcard. This album, “Thirteen” is a more soulful approach to be appreciated. William Ryan Key has taken it down a few notches to show that he can utilize some acoustics and present a wholesome and personal delivery. William Ryan Key has created a work of art all his own. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve heard this side of Key’s before, it’s just been in tiny portions.

“For the last 17 years I was the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist for the band Yellowcard. We played our final show on March 25, 2017. Now that the band has closed up shop, I am moving forward with many new creative endeavors.”

–William Ryan Key

Most of these tracks on, “Thirteen” seem to be like a personal book of Key’s, you can really tell he is singing with his soul. Fans of Yellowcard could get the first impression ranging from excited to disappointment, but one thing is for sure. William Ryan Key, you’ve shown the world your passion.

The album starts out with the calm track, “Old Friends” an easy reminiscent haunting track about moving on, and it seems he is ready. The acoustics on this track are so solemn and relaxing you can tell that just by listening that William Ryan Key is thinking about his life, and career.

Lead single release, “Vultures” drops this acoustic track and it’s calm, relaxing and his vocals remind of a certain ‘Gibbard-esk’ from Death Cab For Cutie. Keys wasn’t going for that but he did channel it for sure. This could be a coffee shop favorite for sure. William Ryan Key is really going to surprise with this single release.

You may be asking about the title and where it comes from well as Key’s puts it:

2013 was a really difficult year for both me and the people I love,” he says. “When writing, I was looking back on the journey from then until now.”  Another noticeable change was re-adding “William” back into his full name. He adds,  “William is my first name that I carry from my maternal grandfather,” he explains fondly. “He was always a huge inspiration to me so it’s an honor to use his name.”

Overall, William Ryan Key has really made a spectacular solo entrance. While people might expect a Yellowcard-ish sound you will be greatly surprised. This was Key’s opportunity to venture out and show the world his soul. He pulled it off astoundingly and will continue to do so.

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