Review: Wind Walkers – The Lost Boys

Artist: Wind Walkers
Album: The Lost Boys

Hailing from Boston, MA, Wind Walkers is a band that, while incredibly young, gives other bands in their genre a run for their money. Having formed in early 2013, they have 5 years and an EP (The Shadow Thieves) under their belt. The Shadow Thieves saw the band beginning to find their footing in the scene, mixing elements of hardcore & metalcore, while incorporating some of the most gorgeous (and catchy) melodies you can find today. Don’t get it twisted…these guys know how to write some heavy jams, but it’s their ability to fluidly move in between melody and aggression that makes them so notable. Their debut, full-length album The Lost Boys shows their talents in spades, having learned from mistakes and their downfalls in the past. This is the album that bands in this genre should be aspiring to create as, not only does it have an incredible amount of stay power, it’s powerful, it’s energetic and it shows that the band means business!

Opening with “Kid Can’t Crow,” you think you’re safe and that all is well with the world. You’re lulled into a trance and find yourself unable to turn away… and then “Mudblood” comes in with full, devastating force, knocking you into the nearest wall. Immediately, you find yourself overwhelmed with the urge to get out of your seat and destroy everything in sight, as you mosh and scream your heart out. As the slow, melodic nature of “Kid Can’t Crow” gives way to distorted guitars, powerful screams and pulse-pounding drum beats… you can’t help but feel that sense of rage take hold.

Skip forward a couple of tracks to “Who Rules? Hyrule!” This track opens with a memorable gang vocal chant of “when you’re lost and all alone, I hope you let these words guide you back home!” This track shows a bit more of a range in screams, flowing between highs, mids and some beastly lows. During the verses, this track is, arguably, one of the heaviest on the album but the chorus dials it back (just a bit) to create a beautiful dichotomy that just further shows their ability as songwriters.

One of my favorite tracks on the album, by far, is titled “Maker’s Mark.” This is a track that has a heavy emphasis on emotion, especially lyrically, and focuses on the subject of wrestling with the thought of giving up. Throughout this track, we’re presented with a narrative of someone who is crying out for someone to change their ways before it’s too late. The cry out of “YOUR FAMILY NEEDS YOU! AND I NEED YOU TOO!” sticks out as one of the most powerful lyrics on the album, to me personally, and is incredibly relate-able as someone who has dealt with family members who have suffered from substance abuse issues. The way that they create a dark, yet hopeful, atmosphere on this track, coupled with the lyrical content… makes this one of my favorite tracks.

The Lost Boys is one of the best examples of metalcore that has been presented in recent years. It’s a testament to what can happen when you have a message to send, something to prove and you’re genuinely in it because you love what you do. This music inspires you to keep on living, no matter the cost, and to keep striving for everything you dream of. You can tell that this was a carefully-crafted, well-thought out masterpiece and Wind Walkers should be incredibly proud of it. The only thing left on my mind is… can they top it? We’ll learn that when the time comes… until now, dive into The Lost Boys by picking up your copy today and keep supporting independent music! For a taste of what’s in store… check out the video for “the end of my life was the beginning of yours” below!

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