Review: Winds of Plague – Resistance


Artist: Winds of Plague
Album: Resistance
Rating: 10/10

Deathcore titans Winds of Plague have always been a band to overcome the odds. Their signature sound is known worldwide and they are, arguably, one of the biggest bands in the genre these days. Their latest offering, “Resistance” is their most experimental, technical and devastating album to date. In fact, personally, it stands right up against “Cold Day in Hell”, which is my favorite WOP album. The band began the road to releasing this album by releasing a terrifying video for the opening track, “Open the Gates of Hell” which I will link below.

If you’ve ever been a Winds fan, two things will happen with this album: You will either love it or hate it. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it until around my 3rd listen, so it’s definitely an album that has the potential to grow on you. Tracks like “Sewer Mouth” (which features a guest spot from Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain), “Left For Dead” and “Good Ol’ Fashion Bloodbath (featuring John Mishima)” are proof that these guys can still make some of the heaviest music out there! The difference in this album, versus albums in their past, is the presence of more synth and the overall power behind the instrumentals that resonates with every note played!

I think the album could have been just as amazing if there weren’t any guest vocalists, but they definitely bring something to the table and take the tracks they’re on to a whole new level! I definitely recommend any WOP fan, death metal fan or fan of heavy music in general to go pick up a copy of “Resistance”! It’s out now worldwide through Century Media and it’s material is sure to bust some skulls!

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