Review: The Word Alive – Dark Matter

Artist: The Word Alive
Album: Dark Matter
Rating: 9/10


The Word Alive can be summed up with many words and phrases. However, there’s one phrase that can stand above all others: Trailblazing leader. In the metalcore genre, a genre plagued with mediocrity and overcrowding, The Word Alive has managed time and time again to stand apart from the rest of the genre. They separate themselves from new and established artists alike with powerful hooks, earth shattering instrumentals, and emotionally gripping lyrics that are just as much relatable as they are poignant with commentary. The band has managed to raise the bar and completely improve on every facet of their arsenal with each release, and that rings louder than ever on Dark Matter. The band has honed their craft to a diamond standard with near perfect results on every track.
There’s so much to appreciate with this record. Telle’s genre defining/pioneering vocals, Luke Holland’s pulse pounding drumming, Zack Hansen and Tony Pizzuti’s mind shredding guitar work, and Daniel Shapiro’s groove inducing bass playing. Everything comes together in a tightly wrapped and finely tuned package that assaults your head in the best ways possible. Everyone who listens to this album will find something to love. The Word Alive has crafted anthematic songs like Made This Way and Grunge, along with heart piercing songs like Trapped and Piece of Me, and the heavy mosh pit tracks like Sellout and Dark Matter. There isn’t a bad track on this album.

It’s a difficult task to improve on a previous album, let alone do it three times in a row. But The Word Alive has managed to put out the best record of their career with the best metalcore album of 2016 so far. A triumph that’ll be very hard to beat, the prowess on every song can’t be overstated. So do yourself a favor and pick up this glorious album now.

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‘Trapped” (Official Music Video)