Review: ONE – Worlds Collide


Artist: ONE
Album: Worlds Collide
Rating: 10/10

Some of the best rock bands come out of Canada, it seems. Three Days Grace, Sum 41, Sword, Simple Plan, etc all come from Canada and have made their respective hometowns proud. ONE, out of Montreal, QC seems to be changing the face of rock altogether as they mix southern-style vocals with heavy instrumentals and really bring out the beast in it all. When I first heard their cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”, it took me a bit to get used to because, while they kept it close to the original, it’s an insanely different concept turning it into a hard rock track, but they knocked it out of the park. Their new album, Worlds Collide, is some of their best work to date and shows just how far they’ve come since their debut album, Phoenixin 2007. 7 years later, they’re on top of their game and proving that you don’t have to be from the south to make some damn good southern metal!

Worlds Collide provides us with some of the best guitar work the band has produced, evident in tracks like “Dirty Little Secret”, “Shes Bad” and the title track, “Worlds Collide”. But more than ever, it shows a sense of brotherhood in the band as each and every riff, lyric, note and beat are carefully planned, executed and jammed into your ears for an aural sensation the likes of which you’ve never seen. I’m incredibly fond of vocalist Danny Rossi’s diversity in his vocal range. He can go from an aggressive, mean gritty track (like “Shes Bad” for instance) to a beautiful heartfelt symphony like “Never Live For Yesterday” with no problems. There’s also the in-between type of tracks like “Daddy (Don’t Wanna Be Like You)” in which he exhibits a lot of emotion, but heartfelt lyrics as well. It’s truly a pleasurable listening experience. Of course, there’s bit of spoken-word thrown in every now and then for some added comedic value, but it’s the musicianship that each and every one of these guys display that is really worth checking out.

If you’re already a fan of ONE, you’re going to love them even more after hearing this new album. However, if you’re not already an established fan, chances are you will be within 1 min of listening to Worlds Collide because it is, truly, that impressive. Be sure to pick up your copy, out on Pavement Entertainment, now and check out the video for “Folsom Prison Blues” below!

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“Folsom Prison Blues” Official Music Video