Review: Wyldlife – The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll



Artist: Wyldlife
Album: The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll
Rating: 9.5/10

Track List:
1. The Right!
2. Saturday Night
3. Wasted
4. Sonofabitch
5. Guardian Angels
6. Trash
7. Cowboys and Slutz
8. Suspicion
9. First Time’s the Worst
10. Out on the Run

“Rock and Roll… Booze and Broads… Fuck and Yeah” is the tagline of New York’s Wyldlife and their music highly reflects that! What you get from this band is what it would sound like if you mixed The White Stripes, Iggy Pop, The Hives and threw in a little new-age good ol’ Rock N Roll. The result is an energetic fireball of ass-kicking good-time music that is sure to get heads banging, asses shaking and plenty of drinks slammed down. The line-up consists of “Dangerous” Dave Feldman on Vocals, bringing a little bit of a southern flavor to the mix, Samm Allen on Guitar throwing riffs out like nobody’s business, Spencer “Ray Guns” Alexander on Bass, bringing the groove back to the genre and “Rusty” Russ Barrnett on Drums, pounding the skins and bringing the rhythm that brings it all together. The bands’ sophomore album “The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll” was released back on April 16th and if you thought you knew this band before, take it and turn it all the way to 11. This band truly gives you a new appreciation for Rock N Roll music and makes you reminisce on the good times when good rock wasn’t hard to find. There’s no aggression but plenty of passion and plenty of heartfelt lyrics and riffs in this album. You have rowdy tracks like “The Right!” which opens up the album and takes it full-throttle. You’ve got more ballad-like anthems like “Guardian Angels” which is just as rowdy but pulls on the heartstrings quite a bit. Then you’ve got informative types of songs “The First Time’s the Worst” which is about a girl losing her virginity and then getting her heart broken. If you love Rock N Roll, you will know the difference between real and imitation. This band is definitely real and raw, bringing everything that has seemingly died in Rock music back to life and putting it to work for them. Check out “The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll” out now and fall back in love with TRUE Rock N Roll!


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