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Artist: Yellowcard

Album: Yellowcard

Rating: 10/10


If you weren’t getting the song “Ocean Avenue” stuck in your head at any point in your life you were probably the only one that wasnt. With other songs in their wake that are still stuck in my head decades later (“Rough Landing Holly“, “Way Away“) I was invited to listen to Yellowcard’s new and final album due out September, 30th and a recent quote I found by front man Ryan Key was appropriate for this review.

When saying farewell, it is hard to know where to start, especially when there are so many reasons not to say it”

This was the official quote of the band telling of their decision to end Yellowcard. Farewells. These are endings to beginnings that have lasted for decades for the band Yellowcard. Their final album self-titled “Yellowcard” is a send off to their legacy of music to date. The album features the singles “The Hurt Is Gone” and “Rest In Peace” and it’s bound to be an excellent album to solidify them in music history years after they have gone. Once said to be classified with memorable melodies and a pop-punk vibe, I think that sums up the band Yellowcard perfectly.

The beginning track to album is “Rest In Peace” which definitely is a goodbye type of song. It’s a beautiful song clearly about letting go and moving on. This track has some intense guitar chords and some really solid vocals by lead man Ryan Key and some sick intense violin work by Sean Mackin. Keeping with the bands traditional sound this was a perfect single release.

A song that was a real stand-out on “Yellowcard” was “What Appears” it’s an empowering song once again about moving on. With a band breakdown in the middle of the song it’s a bit intense with the guitars and drums and melodies coming all together. It’s definitely a staple in the whole albums solidity.

I was really blown away on the initial listen by the track “Saviors Robes” it was very edgy and octane-like, crazy guitar riffs that the band is known for. The lyrics were solid and vocally were definitely screamed and expanded upon amazingly. There is some obvious betrayal inspiring this track. Making this song one of the most lyrically intense songs on the album. This is one cut on the album not miss out on.

Now, to the most invitingly haunting song on the album. “Hurt Is Gone” is definitely a core part of this album cause this song is lyrically about change and how it inevitably going to happen whether you want it to or not. You can hear most of the inspiration for this farewell album is deep rooted in the fact they are disbanding. The song itself has a catchy melody and some solid haunting vocals. This band is known for their driven power ballads and it’s no surprise as to why; with this being their final album these songs will be here to stay. I’ll leave you with my favorite lyrics from my favorite song of Yellowcard’s

“Make it new but stay in the lines, just let go, Keep it inside, smile big for everyone, even when you know what they’ve done.” — Lights And Sounds


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In the end we realized that this was the right time to step away and preserve the legacy and integrity of the band.