Review: Zodiac – A Hiding Place


Artist: Zodiac
Album: A Hiding Place
Rating: 9.5/10

While not well-known in the US just yet, Prosthetic Records outfit Zodiac is a band that will soon be known worldwide for their stellar classic rock sound. If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin and the incredible rock journeys that they can take you on, you will love Zodiac. Their new album, “A Hiding Place” is one for the books. Combining groovy instrumentals with soaring vocals and lyrics that take you back in time, they really know what they’re doing. Songs like the opening track, “Downtown” will really get you, or the crowd for that matter, moving. The best part is that they keep just enough of a modern vibe to their music to be able to fit in past, as well as, present!

Vocalist, Nick Van Delft’s lower-key notes really remind me of Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet. Is it a bad thing that I can group him there? Of course not! Wyndorf has an incredible voice and the same can be said of Van Delft! Both bands really give off that psychedelic vibe too, lyrically. I could see someone tripping on acid and listening to this album, You don’t need drugs to enjoy it, though! Tracks like “I Wanna Know”, a two-part epic that starts off slow, launches into an insane solo and then takes you on a journey through the psyche of a lyrical mastermind! This is easily the highlight of the album, but the album is filled with awesome tracks like this. The final track, “Cortez the Killer”, clocks in at 8:36. It’s a story that seems to be based on spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortez, who led an expedition that ultimately resulted in the fall of the Aztec Empire. To me, it seems to also be about how man can so easily lose their way when presented with temptation. I could be wrong, but this is what the lyrics tell me. The track is beautiful and will most likely bring tears to your eyes, if listened to close enough!

Overall, I think Zodiac is the best band to come out of Germany and tackle this genre. They really have their art down and have created an album that will not only keep the listener interested, but take you on a journey as well. How many bands do you know these days that play classic rock that still have that effect? If you want an album that will get you moving, pull you in and not let up til the end, “A Hiding Place” is that album! Go pick up your copy on Prosthetic Records now! Also, listen to the cover art: “This original stereo recording should be enjoyed at maximum volume”!

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