Revival Recordings Takes Over New Transcendence Radio for Episode 7

Revival Recordings has been on FIRE with their #Revival52 campaign this year and, in that spirit, we thought it was time to give them a little extra shine here on New Transcendence Radio. For those who are unaware, the Revival 52 campaign sees the Revival family dropping something new, every Friday in 2018. This week marks week 31 of the campaign and we’ve heard KILLER new music from bands like AVOID, Earther, Alesana, Alteras, June Divided and much more! Revival Recordings gave us the honor of dedicating an entire episode to all things Revival and when we say “have we got a show for you”.. you better believe it! In addition to hearing music from all of the hottest bands on the Revival roster, we have exclusive interviews with Melissa Menago of June Divided (conducted by our very own Toney Emmons, aka sowannight) and Austin Heath of Charlatan (conducted by myself, Barrett, aka BearlySinister). Not only will you get two great, fun and informative interviews… but we’ve got ONE more proverbial cherry to place on top. Are you ready?!

Fans of Charlatan will know that they are a one-of-a-kind band. Their debut album, Remarkable, blended elements of rock, metal, country, funk, slave hymnals and so much more into a cacophony of glorious, hilarious and mindblowing music. One of the fan favorites from that album, “Ray Gun,” has been re-recorded, a live studio video filmed and will now be presented into your eyeballs… today, exclusively via New Transcendence! Slip into a world of extraterrestrial, phantasmagorical splendor and remember these words… “there’s just some things that a ray gun can’t fix.” Special shout out to Revival Recordings and Charlatan for allowing us to bring you this visual masterpiece, cooked up in the way that only Charlatan can.

Listen to the Revival Recordings Takeover of the New Transcendence podcast here and then check out the video for “Ray Gun” below! Also be sure to check out the Revival 52 playlist, which has a new addition coming this Friday!

Episode #7: Revival Recordings Takeover