RIP Despised Virtue. Long Live Hope For The Broken!


There comes a time in every band’s career where they try new things. A new lineup, a new look, or in the case of Tennessee metalcore outfit Despised Virtue, a new name. Despised Virtue has played their final show. But they’re not breaking up. Instead, starting today, they are now Hope For The Broken.

When asked about the name change, vocalist Robby Anderson says “We wanted a name that connects with our sound and message better. The reason behind the change was to really express our bands message more directly.” The band has always wanted a message of hope and now even their name reflects that. When asked about the band’s future plans, Robby has said the band is dropping their Hollow Hearts EP in October.

Clearly the band has been very busy, and they have big things in plan for the world. Stay tuned to New Transcendence for an EXCLUSIVE review of the upcoming EP.

For more info on Hope For The Broken, check them out on Facebook.

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