Rob Walden – Exotype INTERVIEW


Sat down with the guitarist of Exotype and learned a lot about the band, as well as their upcoming release. I interviewed Rob. I was amazed and gracious I was able to find out about all this.

NT: Any new material coming out this year?

RW: A single will be released; “Nanovirus” The single will be debuted as a completely animated 3D video.

NT: Will our website will be able to review it?

RW: Yes in about two to three weeks. The video making is a long process.  We are also entering the studio once we sign to our new label.

NT: Since you are the guitarist for Catalepsy, is there any new material or things in the work for them?

RW: At this time is it highly unlikely.  All the ideas we had we used for Exotype.  Synthetics was a song we used for Catalepsy, minus the singing and dubstep.

NT: I was wondering I am picky at times with my vocals; will there be a song without singing on the next Exotype release?

RW: No, there will actually be a lot more singing.  Our vocalist has a great singing voice so we decided to use that as a tool.  Think along the premise of Periphery.  But don’t get me wrong, the songs are faster and heavier than our EP.  There is a song on the release called “Oscillator” it’s nasty.

NT: I loved old Periphery, The Contortionist and The Faceless, but their new direction sickens me.  I understand signing, but certain songs need anger.  Singing to me tends to lead me to alleviation of the song.

RW: There will be some songs you don’t like I am sure.  There’s a few that feel very Linkin Parkish, but heavier.

NT: New Linkin Park or old?  They too have gone to the way side.

RW: Almost like a Deftones vibe.  Think if Hybrid Theory had dubstep and was on low 7 strings with real breakdowns.  You heard our song Incisions right?

NT: Yes, but my favorite song off that EP is Kilo.

RW: Well half of the album goes in that direction, and the other half goes in Kilo’s direction.

NT: Is there any album art or teasers to be released soon?

RW: No, but we have an artist already approved and ready to go, just waiting for the label.  Solid Soul Art.  He does the art for Excision and Downlink.

NT: Do you have an idea who you are signing to?

RW: I do, but it’s a big label.  Also our new manage Rob McDermott is helping us a lot.

NT:  I am glad to hear you guys are blowing up.  You deserve it.

RW: You’ll be surprised.

NT: Will there be any guest vocalists on this release?

RW: Personally I want Maria Brink from In This Moment and I know we were looking into Danny Worsnop.  We’re actually focusing more on guest DJ’s

NT: What about Frankie Palmeri?

RW: He’s another thought.

NT: He would be a different spin on things.  Frankie and dubstep.  Have you heard the new Attila album?

RW: Yeah I heard some stuff.

NT: So many people are hating on Fronz

RW: That is his style.  As a fellow artist I respect that.  I just don’t personally enjoy the music, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

NT: True, did you see the spiel about Ronnie?

RW: Yeah, that is someone who doesn’t have my respect.  He’s a pig.

NT: How so? I never heard of the band, well wanted to then heard their single and fell in love, I am not sure how or why.

RW:  Again I am not basing my judgment on their music or the band, just him as a person.  He has a lot of growing up to do.  I feel like he is an embarrassment.  I’m all about shock and awe and the whole rock and roll image/culture, but the things he does and says are disrespectful to his fans, to fellow bands and I’m sure to his own band mates. There are millions of people who day dream every day about being the singer of a rock band and he takes it for granted and abuses it

NT: Another guest vocalist spot could be Alex Erian from Despised Icon; he has the range as well.  Yeah he is just abusing the privilege of being “all that.”

RW: Yeah I am definitely a fan of Alex’s vocals.  It honestly all depends on the budget we are provided with.

NT:  How many tracks will be on this album?

RW:  We had 40 written, and recently cut it down to the very best, 15.

NT:  Damn, 40!  That is incredible.  Well you could do like Five Finger Death Punch is doing.  Release a CD this month and another later on this year.  Almost like a concept album.  Is there a title yet for this album?

RW:  So far we are gearing towards a self-titled debut album, as we feel that will be our defining record, but that is still up in the air.

NT:  When do you plan on getting signed?

RW:  We are in the midst of that process right now.  It is definitely lengthy.  We will release “Nanovirus” as soon as the video is done.

NT:  Is the album done yet, or does it still need to be finalized?

RW:  The guitars and drums are completely done and about half of the vocals are done.  Right now we are just finishing up preparing the electronic ideas as well as finishing up the vocals.  Then we have to go to the studio to lay it all out.

NT:  Here’s an odd question, how do you know where to put the dubstep in?

RW: We write the metal aspect of the music TO what and where the dubstep is going to be so it’s planned from the start.

NT: I got ya, so the music is the template and then dubstep fills in the mix.

RW: Yes, that’s a great way to put it.

NT: What drove the band in the direction of incorporating dubstep in their music?  I do agree bands like The Browning and Beyond All Recognition use it as well, but your take on it seems more robust.

RW:  We honestly just wanted to do something fresh and new. We are aware that other bands throw in electronic elements, but we just feel like it had never been done in a way that felt cohesive and right.  We like to use the dubstep as another instrument.  It’s not just in the breakdown or bridge of the song; it’s under all the music and is as prevalent as the guitars.

NT: Do you plan on touring before or after the signing?

RW: As far as touring, we do have a European agent over at Avocado Booking and we are currently in the midst of acquiring a North American booking agent. Pretty much once we leave the studio we will hit the road to promote the album.

NT: When should we expect the release of the album? RW: We are still waiting.  The dubstep process is also incredibly long.

NT: Oh damn.  “Nanovirus” should be out in the coming weeks, correct?

RW: Yes, “Nanovirus” was recorded with the producer who did the “Emerge” EP.

NT:  How hard is to use to dubstep in your music?

RW:  Let’s say we recorded “Nanovirus” on April 3rd and it is still not done.  It will be rerecorded for the album whenever we go to the studio that the label sends us to as well

NT:  I just thought of a title for your album, Manifest.  You had Emerge for the EP.

RW:  I like that word.

NT:  Is there a concept behind this album?

RW: Yes actually! The entire album revolves around the idea of a transcendent future. Where mankind’s ability to create technology leads to unstoppable progression in which humans are no longer efficient.  The technology we created deems us as something that is in the way of progression.  More like Terminator I suppose but not in a violent end of the world way

NT:  What do you think people will expect about your upcoming release?

RW: I think people will expect what they heard on our EP but it’s honestly going to be much more than that. We spent loads more time on this album and have really progressed as song writers

NT:  What does everyone do for jobs/fund the music?

RW: Drummer works at a restaurant. Singer works at Tijuana flats. Guitarist works as a mover at a moving company. I am a delivery driver.

NT:  I thank you for taking the time to sit down with us, to pick your brain, as well as finding our more about the album.

RW: Thank you so much for everyone who has checked us out and can’t wait for you all to hear this album!