OF RUINS – Revenge in the Commons [Single/2016]


Artist: Of Ruins

Single – “Revenge in the Commons”


2015 saw Texan deathcore outfit Of Ruins launch an all-out assault on the heavy music community with their debut EP, Monarch of Secrecy. Less than a year later, the outfit are back with an even more intense offering: “Revenge in the Commons,” a stellar combination of atmosphere, technicality and skull-crushing heaviness that is bound to become a favorite among any breakdown junky or blast-beat addict. “Revenge in the Commons” begins with a subtle build up–starting with barely audible synthesizer and whispered vocals that quickly crescendo into an overwhelming roar. Once Of Ruins truly get started, there is no slowing them down–as “Revenge in the Commons” takes off on a riff-driven rollercoaster ride through rambunctious grooves and ruthless chug-laden breakdowns that melt flesh and grind bone to dust. Throughout the song. Of Ruins retain their slightly symphonic touch–something new to their dynamic since Monarch of Secrecy–giving the band a more three-dimensional sound that doesn’t simply rely on shred and slams to make their point. Rather, airy keys and harmonized chords linger in the background, smoothing over transitions from blistering speed to brutalizing sludge. “Revenge in the Commons” is four and a half minutes of fury, taking the listener on a tour of deathcore’s many styles–from bass-heavy groove to riffy, ruthless quickness that peels flesh from the listener’s bones with lethal precision, until finally, the track’s climactic breakdown ensures that not even a skeleton is left to be discovered after Of Ruins are through.


For Fans Of: Oceano, Make Them Suffer, Bury the Rod, Nexilva

By: Connor Welsh