Rumor: Is Crown The Empire Possibly Down a Member?

What exactly is going on with Crown the Empire? Rumors have been circulating online that harsh vocalist David Escamilla has either left or been relieved of his duties in the band. Given the evidence that is quickly stacking up, it’s likely that this happened on bad terms, as well. First reported on by This Is Not Your Scene and later by our friends at Hands Up Media and The New Fury, we’ll examine this rumor in depth.

The first clue comes from a deleted post made by Crown The Empire, shortly before their last headlining tour in support of their newest album, Retrograde. (Screenshot provided by ThisIsNotYourScene)

Fans were shocked but, ultimately, accepted this and moved past it. After no further information was released prior to the tour and Escamilla returned to Twitter after about 2 months of inactivity, he started posting a series of cryptic tweets. It was during this time that fans began noticing that Escamilla no longer followed any of the members on social media, which struck a chord and got buzz going. One of the most interesting tweets that he posted can be seen in the screenshot below.

This is where it all came to fruition. Below, you can see Escamilla’s latest Instagram post, where he said in the comments that he’s “not proud of Retrograde” and that there was a “lot of influence from people not in the band” while writing it. Of course, it’s no secret that the band’s manager Brendan Barone, is their ghostwriter and has had a heavy hand in practically their entire body of work. He also alludes to the band’s lifestyle which, like most successful bands, consisted of mass consumption of drugs and alcohol. See the post and comments below:

I feel like I haven’t left this spot in days

A photo posted by Dave Escamilla (@davecte) on


Has he reunited with his old bandmates in Hollowealth? Is he going solo? We’ll all know for sure, soon but it appears that he is, indeed out of the band. With these rumors surfacing, there’s a good chance we’ll get a statement from all parties involved, sooner rather than later.